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Custom Clothing for your Server.

FiveM offers with its Patreon license the possibility to use FiveM EUP packs. That means: You can even design your own uniforms for your Police job, Ambulance job and mechanics – and install them right away on your server! How this works? We show you here!

To install and use FiveM EUP, you first need a Patreon license from CFX. You can get it here, on the official Patreon page of 5m:

Very important notice: You need at least the FiveM Element Club Argentum license. Go to Patreon and get it.

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You will need:

You do not need more. Just a nice EUP package and your server you want it to install on. Easy, right?


  1. Download the clothing package for your FiveM server, which you want to use as FiveM EUP package! You’ll find it on the internet or on our site
  2. Copy the resource to your “resources” folder. Just drag and drop it. Done.
  3. Open the server.cfx of your server and add start resourcename

In case of the FiveM EUP clothes are not displayed, please make sure that the FiveM license is valid. Because only with a valid Patreon license, which we have already mentioned above, you can use the feature “FiveM EUP” feature for your RP server. Otherwise you cannot!


FiveM EUP clothing packages

Use those packages right away. Save time and download those!

Verified EUP

We know: Every FiveM mod is tested by our quality assurance team before it is accepted on the store.

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We only accept products with cheap prices. No need to worry about expensive stuff!
FiveM is for everyone!

Advantages of EUP

With FiveM EUP you can add new uniforms and styles of your clothings to your FiveM roleplay server. You just need a license for your server to use this feature. It’s very easy to use the custom textures and to design them, but players will remember your server! It is quite important to be memorized on your players minds.

The best uniforms for your server you can find!

ESX Scripts is a download shop for FiveM EUP downloads! We offer the possibility to download the packs of uniforms that you are looking for – for a very cheap price. Our offers will Stwórz swój gta roleplay server better. We support many international, english and EU servers around the world to improve the quality of their servers – including the Odgrywanie ról bez pikseli. We provide full quality support and offer the best sale prices.

Didn’t find the clothing packs you were looking for?

Nie ma potrzeby być smutnym. Our site offers a lot of other things, znajdź je tutaj.

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Our official FiveM store is trusted by the biggest and best servers globally. Many loyal customers count on us.

bought a server template
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I was looking for mods around the web and found this website for fivem. I bought one script and it worked well so I decided to buy a bunch of more. My community likes it and I am happy!
from Nopixel
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I have seen many scripts around the web. Most really suck… But on ESX Scripts I found some scripting shit even for our NoPixel server. Thanks ESX!
bought ESX scripts
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There are spread many leaks around the web, and many other "stores" that are not legit. But this one is the first I really enjoy buying. Thanks to Marvin from the support team to guide me through the payment!
Server owner
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"With this site, my server began to grow and people saw the quality of it. I'm really proud of my server because I have unique scripts for it. My roleplay server is now one of the best!!!"
bought 3 products
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"Every order has been an amazing experience on this FiveM store. Their site provides lots of detail so I know exactly what I'm getting and their customer support is just outstanding. My project is now special, not like the other ESX servers"
Mahdi Pourzaferani
Mahdi Pourzaferani
bought a full server
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Amazing content and downloads on this site. Thanks for giving our Indian server what we were looking for. Nice!

The best clothing for your server

Many roleplay servers already use our clothings and FiveM EUP. Make your FiveM server stand out from others – With special clothing material and new uniforms for medics, police and mechanics.

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