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Looking for the best FiveM mods to enhance your Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer experience? Look no further. Our collection of custom downloads, created by skilled scripters and mappers, is sure to elevate your FiveM server – whether it’s a roleplay server or something else. With a range of options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect resources to suit your needs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your FiveM server to the next level. Explore our selection of top-quality mods today and see the difference for yourself.

  • -46%

    Jakers Tuners Autos Script (QBCore)

    qbCore Scripts $24.99
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    Main Features

    Third-eye targeting for entire job,.
    Changeable Locations, move this job anywhere in your city.
    Player Owned Job.
    Physical Performance Parts Crafting.
    Working Car Ramps/Lifts.
    Player Part Pick Up Missions.
    Player Bar / Chillout Zones.
    Player Storage.
    Cloak Room With Clothing/Duty.
    Refill Empty Nos Bottles.
    Linked Society Accounts to Purchasing/Sales.

    You manually install parts to vehicles
    Inspect vehicles health and upgrades
    Job locked store to allow for buying cheap racing / mechanic items.
    Job Crafting

  • -40%

    City Lux Penthouse

    FiveM MLO $35.70
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    Take this penthouse and show your friends true luxury.

  • -50% Medical

    Pillbox & Central LS Medical Center

    FiveM MLO $40.46
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    Want to be immersed into your favorite medical series? Your dream is now true. With a bit of luck, you’ll be the sexy surgeon who get laid with the all the nurses, and not that poor guy who’s exploded by a missile of which he’s trying to fix the flesh and bones.

    These double medical center are both composed of :

    – Ground floor(consultation, irm&xray, operation, laboratory…)
    – 1st floor (psychologist, room, administration, mini-market…)
    – Heliport (access by elevator)

    Specificity:– Customized assets
    – Mini-map (beta)
    – Customizable texture
    – Low weight (18mo for both slots)

  • -38%

    Legion Square Cardealer

    FiveM MLO $40.46
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    Exquisite Legion Square Dealership MLO! This meticulously designed multi-level interior has been crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a realistic and immersive experience for all players.

    Key Features:

    1. Animated Banners: Set the dynamic vibe of a real-world dealership. Whether it’s announcing new car arrivals or seasonal promotions, these animated banners are a game-changer. They’re designed to capture attention and enhance the environment’s aesthetics.
    2. Spacious Parking Lot: No more cramming cars into tiny spaces! The expansive parking lot ensures that players have ample space to showcase a wide variety of vehicles. Ideal for meets, sales, and events, it’s a bustling hub of activity and commerce.
    3. Elegant Car Podiums: Showcase the best of the best! With our specially designed car podiums, highlight premium vehicles, new arrivals, or player favorites in style. Perfect for in-game auctions, displays, or events where the spotlight is on the automobile.
    4. Secure Storage: Every dealership needs a space to store extra inventory or high-value vehicles. Our built-in storage area ensures that players have a dedicated and secure area for their prized possessions. It’s an added layer of realism that makes a world of difference.
    5. Optimized Performance: While the Legion Square Dealership is packed with features, we’ve ensured it doesn’t compromise on performance. The MLO is streamlined for optimal in-game functionality, ensuring smooth gameplay and minimal lag.
  • -41% Password

    Password Whitelist Script

    FiveM Mods $15.47
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    This script secures your server with a password.

  • -51%

    FiveM Case Opening Script | Loot Box

    FiveM Mods $34.51
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    Eyes Case Responsive and fast UI Open Source

    For ESX and QBCore

    You will be able to sell money for the game through Tebex and have people open safes with that money

    With bank money, the player will be able to buy gold or top up their account via tebex-id

    When the product is published with many more features, you will see a magnificent 5-page product is coming.

  • -50%

    Glock (improved, Switch and Beam)

    FiveM Standalone Scripts $14.28
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    1. Enhanced Glock Experience: The Glock (Improved, Switch, and Beam) mod is here to revolutionize your firearms gameplay in FiveM. Say goodbye to the standard combat pistol and welcome a superior alternative that takes your shooting adventures to the next level.
    2. Enhanced Performance: With the Glock mod, experience improved weapon performance that ensures more accuracy and stability during intense firefights. Whether you’re engaging enemies in close quarters or taking precise shots from a distance, this mod has got you covered.
    3. Versatility at Your Fingertips: What sets this mod apart is its unique feature of the “Switch and Beam” mechanism. Seamlessly toggle between different modes, allowing you to adapt to various combat scenarios on the fly. Experience the thrill of fast-paced action with the flick of a switch.
    4. Realism and Immersion: The Glock (Improved, Switch, and Beam) mod brings a sense of realism and immersion to your gameplay. Immerse yourself in the world of law enforcement, military operations, or just casual shooting, all with a touch of authenticity.
    5. Top-notch Replacement: Bid farewell to the standard combat pistol and embrace the Glock mod as the new standard. Equipped with cutting-edge features, it offers a perfect replacement that complements your role-playing experience on FiveM.
  • -50%


    ESX Scripts $32.13
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    • Compatible with ESX & QB-Core
    • Script supports pma-voice, for esx: esx_status and for qb-core default food and drink system on trigger which is used in default qb-hud
    • Customization Hud Menu per key and per command – it is possible to disable the access key to be available only on command or you can completely disable access to this menu
    • When changing the position of any element on the HUD, a grid is displayed to allow the player to adjust the icons more precisely.
    • Seatbelts – If you don’t have a script for seatbelts on your server, you can use the ones available in the script, in the config you can set the minimum speed at which the player must hit something for there to be a possibility of falling through the windshield, and you can set the percentage chance of automatic death
    • Hud Info – You can change the hud in the upper right corner in config to use icons or names from the translation.js file, you can change the icon to your server’s logo in png or gif format and change the name underneath or remove it completely. In the info hud, you can also use the config to remove the cash balance and bank if you don’t want it displayed.
    • Fuel – if you use a fuel system you can use the fuel display on the speedometer but if you don’t have a fuel system you can disable it with config and it will disappear completely from the player’s hud
    • Two speed units – KMH & MPH
    • Two types of speedometer – Linear & Circle in the customization menu of the hud the player can choose the type he likes and change the color, scale and position.
    • Two types of minimaps – Square & Circle, both maps scale their position depending on the user’s game resolution. You can choose the first one which the player will start when he/she joins the server for the first time (the map type is saved in the client’s cache, so when the player joins the server again the previous preset type of the map he/she chose will be loaded).
    • Changing the position of HUD icons – You can freely adjust the position of icons according to the type you choose, horizontal/vertical. This is how they will be displayed. You can also completely disable them using the HUD customization menu. Importantly, you can disable the ability to position icons in the center of the screen in the config, so that the player cannot set, for example, the health status in the center, using it as a crosshair to shooting.
    • Pulsating food and hydration icons when the player’s status is below 20% to inform them.
    • All available options in the Hud Customization Menu are saved locally with the user in the game cache, this means that rejoining will load the user’s previous hud settings and he won’t have to configure it every time he connects to the server.
    • Full support


    For more informations or full view for configs, check our script documentation: HERE

  • -48%


    FiveM Standalone Scripts $17.85
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    For ESX and QBCore

    Spawn Selector Mod

    Docs are here

  • -41% Skyline

    Skyline Mansion

    FiveM MLO $34.51
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    This is a Skyline Mansion

  • -45% Ground & Pound

    Ground & Pound

    FiveM MLO $14.28
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    Ground & Pound coffee interior (MLO)

  • -30% Pumpkin

    Pumpkin V2 (Full Template)

    FiveM server templates $165.41
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    QBCore Server Package. Turkish Language. Has some really unique scripts!

    Watch the Video Preview down below

  • -55% FiveM Racing

    Best GFX Racing

    FiveM Mods $30.94
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    • You can create routes on live map and you can show saved routes on menu.
    • You can show active races on live map.
    • You can place bet on races.
    • Racers can show their in race status on the racing hud.

    QBcore or esx

  • -55%

    2NA Premium Garage [Manageable Garage System]

    FiveM Mods $38.08
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    Works on ESX & QBCore!

    • Elegant UI featuring;
    – Vehicle engine, break, suspension and fuel details
    – A search bar that helps you find a vehicle easily with its model name or license plate

    • Garage center that gives users an ability to;
    – Purchase a garage
    – Sell a garage
    – Make money off a garage

    • Impound system that helps users;
    To respawn their vehicles by paying an amount of money

    Config file with lots of options to configure such as;
    – Enabling/Disabling garage purchase system (garage center)
    – Changing the amount that is needed to respawn a vehicle at the impound
    – Changing the amount that is needed to fix a vehicle’s engine
    – Adding/Removing new garage locations

  • -46% Documents

    Vames Documents | ID CARD MUGSHOT

    FiveM Mods $28.56
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    :sparkles: Features:

    • Ability to set a requirement to take a picture of yourself for money for documents
    • UI Mugshot
    • Easy configuration of document color• Full support.

    Requirements ESX / QB-Core, MugShotBase64

    Works with ESX and QBCore

  • -45%

    Advanced Mechanic System (ESX/QB)

    FiveM Mods $28.56
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    For ESX & QBCore


    • Players can purchase Mechanic businesses.
    • The operating feature can be turned off and the mechanics are accessible to anyone. (These settings are available in the config files)
    •  Multiple mechanical businesses can be created.
    • All purchased items are added to a cart and the mechanic can invoice the vehicle owner.
    • Engine, Brake, Turbo, Suspension and many other upgrades are available.
    • Players can install colored headlights on their vehicles.
    • Players can change their plates via the mechanic.
    • Vehicle Repair Fee is calculated based on damage to the vehicle. It is not a fixed price.
    • Mechanic owner can give discounts to players.
    • The owner of the mechanic can arrange the money her employees will receive for each modification.
    • Mechanical Owner can withdraw and deposit money from the safe
    • The mechanic owner can hire or fire someone new.
    • The Mechanical Owner may transfer her business to another person.
    • The Mechanic Owner can access the customer history and clear the list through the Boss Menu.
    • The mechanical owner can change the name of the business.
    • Free Camera is available.
    • It has the feature of zooming to the selected part.
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