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    ESX Drugsale

    ESX Scripts $12.64
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Watch the video preview down below

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    FiveM Weed System (V4)

    ESX Scripts $30.89
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    Plant weed trees anywhere and let it grow

    • Works even after server restarts
    • Saves all states of growing
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    ESX Scripts $16.85
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    Includes the MLO and script

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    Blips Creator

    ESX Scripts $21.05

    Blips Creator for FiveM servers

    This script allows players to create their own blips, and allows administrators to easily create global blips


    • Players can create, edit and delete their own blips very easily
    • Blips can be placed in the map without knowing any coordinates, or if you prefer, you can use coordinates too
    • Players can share their blips with anyone
    • Administrators can create, edit and delete global blips, which will be seen by all players
    • All blips can be hidden by the players, so if they prefer not seeing a blip that can be done easily
    • More than 500 icons can be used for the blips
    • All the blips can have a custom color
    • Blips can be shown in main map, minimap or both
    • Blips can be duplicated easily, so you can create multiple copies of a blip but in different locations
    • Standalone

    Blips types

    • Coordinates Blip – The player can choose the blip icon from hundreds of icons
    • Radius Blip – This blip will be a circle with radius defined by the player
    • Area Blip – This blip will be an area with customizable width and height


    1. Download the script
    2. Extract wherever you want into your resources
    3. Add ACE permission “blipcreator” to allow admins create global blips
    4. Add SQL file to database
    5. Add ensure blips_creator in your server.cfg

    How to add ACE permission?

    You should place this in server.cfg, and editing it with your license

    add_ace group.admin blipcreator allow # Add permission to group
    # Can also be identifier.steam:steamid
    add_principal identifier.license:1260e6efd3271584d7ed05n45cbf41575252acbc group.admin
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    FiveM Fishing script

    ESX Scripts $22.47
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    Nopixel-style Fishing job

    Fisher Job

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    Dark Web (QB/ESX)

    ESX Scripts $21.06
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    HOMEPAGE: View a text box, where you can input some of your own text. Aswell as recommended products.

    DRUGS, TOOLS & WEAPONS: A list of the products available, with a hover effect to add products to your cart.

    – esx legacy 1.3
    – server version 4752 or above to run

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    NoPixel Vote System

    ESX Scripts $14.04
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    Vote System Info You can increase the game pleasure of your server with the vote system script coded by LD.

    Low MS! Free Updates! Detailed Config File! It saves the votes of the players to the json file.

    Frameworks ESX – QBCore

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    Flashbang script

    ESX Scripts $9.83
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    Script has seperate config file where you can set up things like:

    • Weapon label
    • Time to explosion
    • Enabling / disabling voice chat while being fully flashed (works with mumble-voip and pma-voice)
    • Effect duration
    • Sound effect volume
    • Range in which grenade works

    Optimisation: 0.1 ms idle, 0.05ms max while working

    Use this flashbang for your police roleplay!

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    Loot Body script

    ESX Scripts $16.85
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    Loot dead body script for FiveM (ESX)

    • ESX framework
    • works with money, blackmoney, items
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    ESX Doorlock (VIP) V7

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    easy to setup you can set lock on any door you want such as single doors, double doors or even gates in under 20 seconds for each door ! type of locks you can set 2 type of locks such as normal and electric lock the easiest and newest way you don’t need to suffer anymore for creating lock on doors in a hard way such as finding the door hash, coordinates, heading, putting them on config.lua and other stuffs, you just do a few easy steps and it takes only 20 seconds or even less ! look at the pics just aiming at the door and everything is ready to setup !

    options :

    • setting the authorized jobs for the door
    • door type (if it is gate or not)
    • pin code (making digital lock system for the door that requires code to get open)
    • you can choose the door is unlockable or not (if not nobody can lockpick or hack it)
    • set the door locked already or let it be open
    • size of the icon and text on the door
    • distance for opening and closing the door


    working with database

    you can add or delete locks without restarting the script because it works dynamically and stores in database instead of the old way like using config.lua for setting up the doors  

    breaking the doors

    the doors can be break by lockpicking and hacking  

    there are 3 type of doors :

    1. normal doors (can be lockpicked)
    2. digital doors that have a pin code (can be hacked)
    3. electric doors such as gates (can be hacked)

    alarm system

    when a player starts to hack a door alarm will trigger to the job you have set for security that by default is police  

    features :

    • the whole script is open source
    • easy to setup for any type of door under 20 seconds !
    • easy to delete the lock on the door you have set in 5 seconds !
    • you have a lot options for lock system that you are making for the door
    • doors can be break by lockpick and hacking (depends on the door type)
    • you can set pin code for special doors
    • you can set the door becomes unbreakable (cannot be hacked or lockpicked)
    • you set lockpick timer and chance of success
    • you can set the alarm for hacking the doors and the job that is gets the alarm
    • optimized at least 0.05 – 0.10 ms less than normal esx doorlock
    • doors will store in database instead of config.lua that requires restarting the script
    • every setup and delete can be done in real time and dynamically without restarting the script
    • includes tutorial videos
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    ESX Property System (500 Apartments)

    ESX Scripts $22.47
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    ESX_Property with 500x apartments

    Save your time adding houses, using this script!

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    Pubg Game System (VIP)

    ESX Scripts $42.13

    Enjoy this minigame for ESX! Your players can play PUBG / Last Man Standing / Battleground! All files, including the map

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    Advanced Purchaseable Physical Garage [ESX] [QB]

    ESX Scripts $26.68
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    • Car impounds, Boat impounds, Helicopter impounds, Plane impounds.
    • Car, Boat, Helicopter, Plane Garage.
    • Job Garages. (can add via config)
    • Garage owners can change the shop name. (blip)
    • Tax can be increased by garage owners.
    • Players can buy garages from the garage shop on the map.
    • Damages of vehicles are save. (door, engine etc)
    • Garage owners can restrict entry.
    • Garage owners can withdraw their tax income.
    • Boss Menu.
    • Players can see their vehicles physically. (can be turned off from config)


    Full Preview 114

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    Gas Station Simulator System

    ESX Scripts $39.32
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    ESX / QBCore supported! Now you can see which vehicle is getting gas from you. Checking company information, checking your finances, checking your total earnings, checking the gasoline in your tanker tank, checking how many people shop from you, etc. System to increase the gas level: There are 3 levels in total, as your level increases, your tanker tank will increase. You can check your gas level. You cannot fill the tank of the tanker with a vehicle other than the tanker vehicle. You can now recruit workers to your company. After buying a gas station, it will show you around the gas station with animation. A page has been created where you can view and recruit employees in your company The workers you hire to your company can do other jobs as well. The gas station has its own worker system.Only company owners can add and remove workers. If there is no owner of the gas station, you cannot buy gas there.You can’t buy a gas station that owns it.If you have a gas station, you cannot get another gas station. You can change the name of your gas station. You can withdraw the money from the safe of your gas station. You can transfer your company to an employee

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    Farmer Simulator Job [AlmostStandalone]

    ESX Scripts $30.89
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    How to do the farmer job?:

    • Go to the the marked area on the map and change your outfit with workwear (optional) and choose a non occupied field to start the job.
    • Attach the tractor to the baletrailer and start driving to the marked field.
    • When your arrive to the field, the crops and harvester will be there. Park the tractor and get into the harvester.
    • Harvest all marked crops with harvester. Move the pile of crops on to the baletrailer and then drive the tractor to starting point which will be marked as well.
    • Park the tractor and baletrailer behind the trucks trailer. Load the pile of crops from baletrailer to the trailer.
    • When finished get in to the truck, combine it with trailer and drive it to the marked warehouse.
    • Pick up the pie of crops and deliver them to the warehouse.
    • Bring the truck back.


    • Works with Extended and QB-Core.With a few simple steps you can make it work on other frameworks.Here i will explain how to make it work on other frameworks if you can’t make it work just contact me and i will help you out.
    • As an option you can use the MenuV instead of standart menu system if you want. If you are using “Extended framework” you can also use the esx menu system as well.
    • There will be an option when the player brings back the tractor loaded with pile of crops to the farmer job center. If they want they can leave the job there and take only half of the money. If they want to finish the job properly they will receive the full money but they have to make the delivery with they truck as well.
    • If you bought the script before the update, just contact me via discord and give me the mail address you used to buy it for the link of the new updated version.
    • Update includes: MenuV can be used as an alternative. Players can leave working at the middle of the job and receive half of the money.

    What you can edit in the config file and How to integrate:

    • Most of parts in config file is editable and explained detailed. Following the screenshot of the config file will give you some ideas.
    • If you don’t want to use the MenuV, just set the ‘@menuv/menuv.lua’ as a comment line in the “fxmanifest.lua”.
    • If you are using ESX just change the PLT.UseEsxFramework set true in config.lua.
    • If you are using QB-Core just change the PLT.UseEsxFramework set false in config.lua.
    • If you are not using any of those, just search for the “shouldbeintegrated” word in all the files so you can find the codes you need to change.
    • If you are not using QB-Core or ESX here are the pictures of the places you need to change:

    Things you should know:

    • if PLT.jobRequired “true” then you need to import it into your farmer.sql database if you using esx_joblisting or compatible with it farmer job automatically will be listed on your business center. If you are using a different business center script, you should integrate it .if PLT.jobRequired false then you don’t need to do anything and everyone will be able to start the job.
    • Script creates bales, crops, harvester, tractor, bale trailer, truck and truck trailer at certain stages of the job. if you move 400 distance away from these objects. The information of these entities is deleted on the player side and kept on the server side. When you approach, it is transferred to the player side with new information. Because the information has changed, the script cannot process those objects. Therefore, when the player is 350 distance away from the objects, it starts giving an error message to the player. If it exceeds 375, it deletes all entities and cancels the profession.
    • When player crashed or get out of the game somehow, spawned objects stays on the server. This is how i solved this situation: those who do work are saved on the server side. If she/he leaves the server without finishing her job, using fivem natives deletes all the objects that player created with this script. As a result if the player on job and disconnected, automatically all objects are deleted and the worked field becomes reusable.
    • There are 7 fields in total and 7 players can work at the same time. When you arrive the truck delivery step, this field will be reusable by other players. This way there won’t be any queue or if there is any queue the waiting time will be shortened.
    • The harvester is and old shared work on the web and its replaced with “tractor3” also the original “baletrailer” is replaced after i deleted the bales on it.
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    Boosting System V2 & Mechanic Parts System [Standalone]

    ESX Scripts $23.87
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Framework: QBCORE Features:

     Vin Scratch
     Normal dropoff
     Bennys Parts
     Custom wallpaper

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