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FiveM phone scripts (ESX/QB)
Looking to add some new phone script to your FiveM roleplay server? Our collection of phone scripts, compatible with both ESX and qbCore, has got you covered. With a range of fully working phone scripts to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your server.

And with every purchase coming with a refund guarantee, you can shop with confidence. So why wait? Take a look at our selection of FiveM phone scripts today and see the difference they can make on your server.

Check out the phones you have never seen before.

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  • -68% Instagram Stories

    CS Stories

    ESX Scripts $32.15
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    Looking to push your players’ social experience one step forward?
    Give them the opportunity to express themselves via time-limited video sharing!

  • -50% high phone

    High Phone

    FiveM Phone Scripts $50.54 Add to cart

    This phone has been worked on for months, made totally from scratch guaranteeing high quality code and very few bugs that you might find on a long-term use! If you find any bugs just report them to us! We’ll fix them ASAP! If you don’t believe our words, check out the phone in action here for 8 minutes and 7 seconds! 2.1k This resource is updated very often! So the video might be outdated as well. Keep in mind this video does not show the full abilities of this phone, it is more advanced than seen in the video! Worth mentioning features, and what you get by buying this:

    • The most advanced banking app with player ID or IBAN transfers [configurable], with a nice graph on the app to see your phone transactions. Money requests, invoices screen and other cool stuff!
    • The best animations around, and the smoothest possible usage of the phone! Don’t even bother looking for bugs, we’re fixing them quicker than the speed of lightning here, so you will either not find any bugs, or find one on a long-term use, that you can simply report for us.
    • Free updates with very exciting new features and bug fixes!
    • Lockscreen, with the coolest animations of unlocking, notifications that can be removed with a very nice and easy to use swipe animation.
    • Group chats system, with high configurability, customization of individual groups and much more!
    • Best looking/most advanced app store, with configurable download times, amazing animations and much more!
    • The most advanced ads app, with configurable categories, jobs, job grades for categories, deleting/editing ads, posting images, taking them on spot, calling/messaging ad posters and more!
    • The most advanced twitter app, with rank system [verified, admin], reporting/deleting tweets, posting images and taking them on spot, replies with the coolest design available, editing profile, register/login screen, hashed/unhashed passwords and more!
    • Amazing optimization! Works great with servers that even have 200 players online!
    • The coolest and most advanced notes app on a phone on FiveM.
    • Priority support for any problems that occur with the script!
    • Highly configurable with +700 lines of configuration , fully translateable with 400+ lines of translations, from changing the shown time format, group member limit, to fully translating your phone or even adding new apps!
    • Fully editable design, you can change HTML/CSS code! That means, you can change colors, design layout and much other stuff!
    • The most advanced dark chat app with so many features that include group creation, profile customization, banning/kicking members from groups, sending images/locations to groups and way more!
    • Both backgrounds changeable, lock and home screens, with posibility to pre-add them or use your own from a link.
    • And so much more for an extremely fair price!

    The script requires mysql-async or oxmysql, ESX V1.0-1.2/Legacy or QB-Core to be installed! It can be made compatible with any framework, with some scripting knowledge. There is a tutorial on how to do it and many other things in the phone documentatio !

    This phone supports the most popular VOIP’s, like mumble-voip, pma-voice, ■■■■-voip and salty. The phone also supports custom frameworks, you can fully modify the functions, event names, database structure and other things required to make the resource compatible with any framework with the some LUA development skills.

    Script is also compatible with multicharacter scripts.

  • -53% GKS Phone

    GKSPhone (ESX)

    FiveM Phone Scripts $59.39
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    The best seller phone for your FiveM server Only for ESX 1.1 and 1.2

    This resource is exclusive to ESX 1.1 and 1.2(Legacy).

    GKSPHONE comes ready in 5 languages. These languages are English, French, German, Italian and Turkish. You have to translate it into languages other than these languages yourself. GKSHOP periodically increases language support.


    • Hot: House App (Only works with loaf_house), Business, Moov (Rent a car) and eBay, Car Seller, Zedge (Custom wallpapers).
    • Social Media Apps; Tinder, Instagram (have video record and comments in posts), Twitter, Yellow Pages, YouTube, 9 Gags.
    • Messaging Apps: iMessage (including group chat and voicemail), Dark Chat, Mail.
    • Jobs Apps: Taxi, Gotur.
    • Main Apps: Bank, News, GPS, Stock Market, Valet, Gallery (Take photo and record video), Billing, Job Notify (notice on pd and ems), Calculator, Music, Notes.
    • Entertainment Apps: Race, Games (Snake, BlackJack, 2048, Tetris).
    • GKSPhone have iOS Control Center: Turn on/off weather forecast, AirDrop (phone number sharing), Brightness and Sound Level. Facetime (with webrtc), Flashlight, Flight Mod and Streamer Mod.
    • Props: 3 different phone probes custom made by Patoche. (iPhone 12 Pro Black, Gold and Pink)

    Voice Supports: PmaVoice, MumbleVoip, SaltyChat (works stably in version 2.6) and TokoVoip

  • -50% phone

    ns Phone

    FiveM Phone Scripts $31.58
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    This script was made for the ESX Framework and works only with this framework.


    • Compatible with ESX 1.2 (1.1 not tested)
    • Compatible with the following voice plugins:
    • Low CPU usage
    • Clean animations
    • No performance issues
    • No exploits
    • Contacts
      • Edit your existing contacts
      • Delete your contacts
      • Set & remove contacts as favourite
      • Share your contacts to your nearest player
      • Call or message them directly within the contact page
    • Notes
      • Create your notes
      • Edit your notes
      • Delete notes
    • Settings
      • Turn on/off your sounds
      • Change your background
      • Change your lockscreen
    • Health
      • Your steps are being counted and saved each night at 00:00 into the database
      • Statistic page
    • Emergency Calls
      • Send a emergency call to any job you want (Selectable in the database)
      • Set a waypoint to the dispatch or delete them if you’re done
    • Calls
      • Call anyone you want to
    • Messages
      • Write a message to one of your contacts or someone you dont have as a contact
    • Marketplace App
      • Add anything you want
      • Delete your own posts
    • Wallet App
      • Show your current balance
      • Transfer money to other players (even if they’re not online)
    • Camera App
    • Radio App
      • Supports each Voice plugin from above
      • Join / Leave Radio channel
      • Restricted radio channel (for jobs)
  • -56% hsn phone

    HSN Phone

    ESX Scripts $63.18 Add to cart

    works with mumble or pma-voice !

    App Store
    – You can download and use certain apps.

    – You can add contacts to the number you want, call and send a message.

    – You can save the notes and delete them later. (Adding photos from the gallery is available)

    – You can send an mail to the player from any script you want.

    – Players can reach people with the profession of police, ambulance, lawyer and taxi whenever they want.

    – Players can pay their bills at any time.

    – Photos taken using the camera are stored here and can be used in certain apps.

  • -44% Eclipse Phone Image

    Eclipse Phone (mumble)

    FiveM Phone Scripts $56.86 Add to cart

    Eclipse Phone (for ESX/EXM!)
    Based on Apple Iphone.
    Everything is animated and responsive.
    Source code is present.


    • Mumble voice call
    • Send Messages
    • Police App (support esx_policejob)
    • Ambulance App
    • Taxi App
    • Weazel News App
    • Weather App
    • Radio App
    • Youtube App
    • Selfie camera


    • Bleeter
    • Dark chat
    • Yellow pages

    There will be various free updates and new applications in the future (if you have ideas, let us know).
    Taxi and police CAD coming soon.

  • -64% FiveM Video Call

    GCPhone Video Call

    FiveM Phone Scripts $37.90 Add to cart
  • -50% crewphone saltychat

    CrewPhone (SaltyChat)

    FiveM Phone Scripts $50.54 Add to cart
    • iPhone Design
    • Crypto Market
    • Banking with bank logs
    • WhatsApp and Twitter with Emojis
    • UBER (side job)
    • Dark Net
    • News App (for news reporter job)
    • YouTube App
  • -66% CrewPhone

    CrewPhone (Redesigned)

    FiveM Phone Scripts $50.54 Add to cart

    FiveM iPhone redesigned

  • -51%

    Nopixel Phone (for ESX)

    FiveM Phone Scripts $40.95
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    This is the original Nopixel phone for the ESX resource.

  • -20% Yordi Phone

    Yordi Phone

    FiveM Phone Scripts $25.26
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    Simple phone for ESX with cool features and a minimalistic design.

  • -46% fivem-gcphone

    CrewPhone (best gcPhone)

    FiveM Phone Scripts $78.61 Add to cart
    • iPhone Design
    • Crypto Market
    • Banking with bank logs
    • WhatsApp and Twitter with Emojis
    • UBER (side job)
    • Dark Net
    • News App (for news reporter job)
    • YouTube App
    • Fully working version. Do not buy from scammers!
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