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Custom Launchers for your project
Enhance your server entry of your FiveM server. Use a FiveM launcher and customize/set it up it the way you want. Feel free to edit all 100% editable source codes.

Our launcher includes a custom loading screen and a custom game server list. We also offer a wide variety of FiveM mods and scripts. Our launchers are easy to use and offer a wide range of features, making them the best choice for your FiveM server.

Give your players the possibility to join your server right away without searching for the server.

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    RealisticLife v3 Launcher

    FiveM Launchers $37.91
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    Create your own FiveM launcher exe

    This launcher, originally from RealisticLife v3, was being used for a FiveM RP server. Use the source code and create your own .exe / launcher.

    If you use: Make sure to redirect the player to the cfx join link to make it work well. The source code is 100% original and open source (no encryption) at all.

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