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  • FiveM Gangs Builder

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    Gang Creator. Add to any order!


    • Create (/creategang) and manage gangs in-game (/modifygangs).
    • Interaction menu at f11
    • Warmenu (integrated in the script) for admin management and gang script integrated menu and esx menu default.
    • Gang shop
    • Standalone inventory with black money, items weapons etc together.
    • Standalone job, not working with ESX jobs.
    • Compact database.
    • 0.00 – 0.01 idle resmon.
    • Add infinite points and choose what points must appear, and what not.
    • Built with classes for an optime server side management and optimization.
    • Some things that I don’t remember kekw
    • Project: This will be updated a lot, it’a a project not just an script
  • Medic NPC (Free)

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    FiveM Medic NPC (for free) only on This script is basically for to be used in the server when there are no ems /doctors available in the server the players will get an option to pay and get helped/revived on there spot present by a moving ambulance with a doctor!


    • This script is a very useful for huge servers where the population have no option rather than respawning every time they will get to experience more rp by this method!
    • The ems ped in the ambulance can come from anywhere it doesn’t matter where you are located and it will be in a well mannered way
    • Money/fees of the ambulance and the ems ped will be deducted for there service!
    • The driving manner of the ped is very well organized it wont drive recklessly!
    • This script is highly configurable according to your choice all of the options you see in the video and features are editable with the notifications!
    • This script is basically for enhancing and bringing up more rp in the server rather than respawning!
    • This script supports ESX and QB and if any excessive support needed hit me up!
    • It will automatically adapt to your framework whether ESX/QB basically its a put and run script!
    • This script is uploaded on GitHub so you guys can request pull requests so feel free to add some required and useful changes.
    • Feel free to do whatever you like with this script just don’t edit and resell lol!
  • Secret Boss Room (MLO) FREE

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    Secret Mafia Boss Room, perfect for Gang Boss or Mafia Boss

    or for ESX_Drugs script usage. Gang Map MLO

    Download for FREE (add to any order)!


    Door coordinates:

    place : outside gate
    Name of door : patoche_secret_bossroom_doorext
    position : X:577.8744 Y:-2804.136 Z:7.084585

    place : secret elec door left
    Name of door : patoche_secret_bossroom_door2
    position : X:562.6608 Y:-2794.105 Z:6.440019

    place : secret elec door right
    Name of door : patoche_secret_bossroom_door1
    position : X:563.549 Y:-2792.628 Z:6.437999

    place : bossroom door
    Name of door : ex_p_mp_door_apart_door_black
    position : X:552.0214 Y:-2787.323 Z:6.24807

  • HUD Coords (FREE)

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    Framework: Standalone

    Code: Open Source

    Copy and paste every coordinates easily for your server

    Note: This script has been rewritten to work with any framework, but if you have any problems, contact me. Note: Feel free to make suggestions, they are welcome.

  • Pierce Tires / Knife Tires (FREE)

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    Destroy the tires with your knife! Now free.

  • NoPixel HUD 3.0 (FREE)

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    NP 3.0 HUD

    Status indicators:

    • Health (skull when dead)
    • Armor
    • Hunger
    • Thirst
    • Stress
    • Oxygen (when underwater)
    • Speaking (mumble-voip)
  • Redeem Script (Free)

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  • Trew HUD UI (ESX/vRP) FREE

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