• -49% Galaxy Nightclub

    Galaxy Nightclub

    FiveM MLO $21.48 Add to cart

    Nightclub Disco for FiveM

    Party with your friends / gang

  • -34% FiveM Cinema

    Cinema MLO

    FiveM MLO $27.80 Add to cart

    Cinema in Vinewood – works with Hypnonema, a script to watch films/videos

    Have fun playing blockbusters!

  • -57% Paleto Bay Hospital

    Paleto Bay Hospital

    FiveM MLO $30.33 Add to cart

    Hospital MLO for Paleto Bay

    Have fun doctor-roleplaying here!

  • -78% Casino

    Diamond Casino 2 (MLO)

    FiveM MLO $63.19 Add to cart

    In this building, I managed to fit 10 interiors from the 2060 update.
    There are a lot of bugs here. For example: There is no collision of water in the swimming pool above or a flickering light. With time, I will fix it. Also, in the future, I will make an update with the robbery of this casino, adding a few more ways to get into the vaults. And I’ll try to make motel rooms as well. When it will be, I cannot answer yet.

    This building contains interiors:
    Heating room
    Cash collection

  • -76%

    Luxury Dealership

    FiveM MLO $18.96 Add to cart

    Luxury Dealership
    It has 1 floor, 1 main room for the cars, 3 offices, a auction pedestal and a tuning garage

    How to Install:

    1. Get the data out of the WinRAR File.
    2. Put it into your FiveM resources folder.
    3. Edit the server.cfg and type “start vgempirius”
    4. Restart your server and it should be there!

    If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact me 🙂

  • -57% InOut

    In&Out Restaurant

    FiveM MLO $42.97 Add to cart

    This is a fast food place, fully custom properly made MLO. Diner.

  • -35% Boxing

    Queensbury Boxing Club

    FiveM MLO $18.96 Add to cart

    Located in the south of Los Santos, this street boxing club will train your best fighters!

    – 2 boxing rings
    – locker room
    – trainer’s office
    – strength training equipment

  • -55% Vinewood PD

    Vinewood PD v1

    FiveM MLO $49.29 Add to cart

    Well, I come here to present you my first MLO Interior work done, which is a huge interior at this moment which is the Famous Vinewood PD, I hope you like it. I know I still have a lot to learn from your comments, opinions and improve my work at the nearest future, but I am happy with the result of this first project so far.

  • Bennys GlowUp + Office

    FiveM MLO $21.80 Add to cart

    This is a GlowUp for the Bennys tuner. It has a entrance with a movable sliding gate, a special parking spot and a very nice office

  • -57% Horror House

    FiveM Halloween Horror School MLO

    FiveM MLO $37.91 Add to cart

    FiveM Halloween House

  • -49% MazeBank MLO

    MazeBank MLO

    FiveM MLO $36.65 Add to cart

    Bank interior for your FiveM server, in MazeBank design.

    With vault, offices and entry area.

  • -61% Fire Department

    Paleto Bay Fire Station

    FiveM MLO $44.23 Add to cart
    • Paleto Bay Fire Station
    • Perfect for your Fire Department on Paleto Bay
  • -64% Marabunta

    Marabunta House MLO

    FiveM MLO $11.38 Add to cart

    The gangster interior was realized in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city. Probably the twilight house in the whole city. Create your own gang now!

  • -49% Taxi Office

    Taxi Office

    FiveM MLO $36.65 Add to cart

    A clean office for your taxi job on ESX

  • -49% Taxi Office

    Taxi Office Unclejust

    FiveM MLO $36.65 Add to cart

    Taxi Office MLO for your FiveM server

  • -58% Gamble Hideout

    Gamble HideOut

    FiveM MLO $24.01 Add to cart

    Gamble Hideout / Casino for FiveM servers

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