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  • KFC-50% Add to cart Quick View

    KFC Map V2 (MLO)

    FiveM MLO / Maps $28.08

    Location : Legion Square
    Just a KFC interior

    Yummy, chicken. What would you like to eat?
    Scroll down for a video preview.

  • Penthouse-48% Add to cart Quick View


    FiveM MLO / Maps $50.55

    This interior includes:

    •      Lobby
    •      WC
    •      LUX nightclub
    •      Penthouse
    •      Terasse

    Interior Properties

    • 150 fps
    • Custom models “only”
    • Animated UV
    • Light skill improvement
  • FiveM Cardealer-58% Add to cart Quick View

    Platinum Cars V2 (Luxury)

    FiveM MLO / Maps $26.68

    The Platinum Cars V2

    The Platinumcars dealership offers a uniqe setting located in Little Seuol, including a large showroom surrounded with panoramic glass which offers a view towards the street. The dealership contains multiple entrances connected to private parking for both staff and customers. As a manager of this dealership the second floor is perfect for administration, containing a CEO window corner office, a meeting room, minor offices and a kitchen. If you want quality and quantity to supplement your roleplay in a dealership, then this is the map for you.

    Amazing for your Luxury Cars!

  • Luxury Autos-50% Add to cart Quick View

    Dealership MLO V12 (Luxury Cars)

    FiveM MLO / Maps $30.89

    Luxury Autos MLO

    Perfect for your server to sell luxury import vehicles. The ideal dealership for your FiveM server. The mixture between the shiny look of the dealership and the reliquary aspect of the contractor’s office will satisfy your players.

  • MRPD-50% Add to cart Quick View

    MissionRow MRPD (Huge)

    FiveM MLO / Maps $42.13

    Want a unique and huge interior filled with every need of your police department? Then this map is suited for you.

    The interior contains four different floors, from garages at the bottom, to a modified roof at the top. Furthermore you’ll find a medical ward, a gym, jail, interegation rooms, press room, and loads of offices.

    I recommend that you take a look at the video preview down below!

  • -34% Add to cart Quick View

    Sandy Shores Fire Department (FD)

    FiveM MLO / Maps $54.76

    Interior includes:

    • Main Hall
    • Second Hall
    • Kitchen
    • Locker Room
    • Garage
    • Showers
    • Office
    • Chief’s Office
    • Observing tower
    • Toilet
  • -42% Add to cart Quick View

    Nopixel UwU Cafe (MLO)

    FiveM Mods $49.15

    Original NoPixel UwU Café MAP (MLO)

    included: boss room, guest room, all rooms, etc

    Job available here for qbcore : uWu Cat Coffee Job (QB) | FiveM mods

  • -55% Add to cart Quick View

    Paleto Garage MLO

    FiveM MLO / Maps $30.89

    A huge garage area for Paleto

    Video preview down below

  • MissionRow-51% Add to cart Quick View

    Mission Row Fire Station

    FiveM MLO / Maps $26.68

    Fire Department in MissionRow

  • -31% Add to cart Quick View

    City Hall MLO Fluroine

    FiveM MLO / Maps $47.74

    Cityhall building according to the customer’s specifications. It is possible to create individual interiors for RAGE/ 5M/AltV. The building is made of 10 locations optimized for the game. – a hall with a performance area, a secretariat, a security room, lifts on each floor (with the CORRECT floor indication), recreation areas – 2 toilets: male and female – 6 free premises – meeting room – the governor’s office with a private lounge and a secret room with a personal lift there is also MLO parking under the building. External building mapping features server

  • FiveM Admin-31% Add to cart Quick View

    Blaine County Administrative Building

    FiveM MLO / Maps $47.74

    Let’s go through the RP and imagine the situation. It’s 2022, the San Andreas government has been planning for a very long time to improve the country side, Blaine County. And finally they decided to allocate a huge amount of money, having previously hired an architect to improve and rebuild the town of Sandy Shores.

    Here we have: -Fully changed exterior; -New building; -Building with 3 LOD; -Parking with 12 places; Interior 1 floor -Lobby – reception; -Blaine Beauty Cafe; -Admin room; -Staff room; -Court room; -Waiting room; -2 wc; 2 floor -BC Sheriff Office; -BC Head Doctor Office; -BC Major Office; -Meeting room.

  • Pillbox-29% Add to cart Quick View

    Pillbox Hill Hospital Center MLO V5 (47 rooms)

    FiveM MLO / Maps $49.15

    Pillbox Hill Hospital

    • 47 rooms
    • many stories
    • doctor offices
    • realistic medical equipment
    • MLO mapped
  • -54% Add to cart Quick View

    Gabz Davis PD

    FiveM MLO / Maps $37.98

    This package contains a Police Department at Davis

    • Inspired by “Gotham” TV Show
    • Two floors: offices, cells, forensics and many more!
  • -53% Add to cart Quick View

    Ballas Club Underground MLO

    FiveM MLO / Maps $29.49

    Secret ballas club in the middle of groove street, enchance your city roleplay experience!

  • -46% Add to cart Quick View

    Fight Club Secret Gym MLO

    FiveM MLO / Maps $26.68

    Unique secret GYM location inspired by one of most iconic movies ‘Fight Club’
    Enchance your roleplay experience!

  • Vice Cry-56% Add to cart Quick View

    FiveM Vice City (Vice Cry) Remastered

    FiveM MLO / Maps $61.78
    • Original Vice City map for FiveM converted
    • Works without lags, 60 fps +
    • MLOs included: Airport, bank, club, docks, downtown, golf, haiti, hotel, mall, mansion etc. !
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