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Looking for a quick and easy way to set up a FiveM server? Look no further than our comprehensive FiveM server templates. These pre-designed configurations offer a seamless launch and can be set up in just minutes. They arrive fully equipped with pre-installed features, including jobs, vehicles, and various scripts. You can rely on our templates as they are utilized by some of the leading GTA servers, ensuring first-rate quality.

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You can find our installation tutorial here

  • -30% Pumpkin

    Pumpkin V2 (Full Template)

    FiveM server templates $165.41
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    QBCore Server Package. Turkish Language. Has some really unique scripts!

    Watch the Video Preview down below

  • -17%

    ESX Pro Server Template

    FiveM server templates $177.31
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    ESX Pro Server

    Basis: ESX-Legacy / FPS MS: 0.9 MS – 1.2 MS

    Server content:

    • HUD [can be customized]
    • Exclusive jobs (Police, Court, Sheriff, EMS, Car Dealer, Mechanic, North Mechanic, Unicorn, Taxi, Real Estate Agent, Fruit Picker, Builder, Bus Driver, Farmer, Gardener, Warehouse…)
    • +100 modified cars
    • Character creation
    • Custom maps
    • Gangs & weapons
    • Shops & bars
    • 3 interactive drugs
    • Fleeca Bank, Jewelry Store, and Convenience Store robberies
    • Phone and radio with voice chat
    • Garages and vehicle impound
    • Loading screen
    • Fuel system and seatbelt
    • Inventory and vehicle trunk
    • Houses & properties for sale
    • Clothing, hair salon, and tattoo shops
    • Companies and money laundering
    • Over 100 animations
    • Administration area
    • Vehicle customization
    • Many exclusive scripts not available elsewhere

    Total: +200 scripts…


  • -25%

    NoPixel 3.5 Inspired VIP Package V4

    FiveM server templates $177.31 Add to cart


    The package contains maps, vehicles, peds, outfits and all songs files. All scripts on the server are currently nopixel (inspired) scripts. After purchasing the package, you benefit from the support.

    Any questions? Let us know via e-mail @

    Uses the Original NoPixel 3.5 Framework

    400+ Real scripts are used in its content. There are 400+ resources. There are all current affairs and heists found in NoPixel. The server has been tested many times by the team and there are no bugs. This server is much more advanced than other packages and is defined as the closest package to the current version of nopixel. That’s why its price is higher than others.

    Please check your Emails after purchasing this package

  • -27% 5m Servers

    Super ESX Roleplay Server: Season 2

    FiveM server templates $189.21 Add to cart

    Welcome to the Season 2 ESX Server by 5M Servers. This server had updates for Season 8 to bring the housing and phone up to date. We also completed optimizations and reworks to improve quality of life. If you buy the product, a premium support package is included. 💡🔆 You can ask any questions you’d like and we will help you!

    1. Drag & Drop Inventory

    2. Eye Target System For Interaction

    3. Pets

    4. Multiple Characters

    5. Advanced Character Creator

    6. Weight Inventory

    7. Custom 5M Housing

    8. Custom 5M Car Dealership

    9. Custom 5M Drugs

    10. Skill System

    11. Custom Jobs

    12. Custom Crews

    13. Custom Bank Robberies

    14. Custom Drugs

    15. Phone: Instagram images to Discord

    16. Custom Police Job

    17. Custom Vehicles

    18. Custom EMS Job

    19. Custom Maps

    20. Optimized Server & World

    21. Custom Activities

  • -34%

    NoPixel v3.5 (Latest) Inspired (QBUS Framework) Server Pack

    FiveM server templates $141.61 Add to cart
  • -31% v22

    qbCore Boss Server V22 (Q7)

    FiveM server templates $189.21 Add to cart

    This Premium FiveM Server Template (heavily inspired by Nopixel/GrandRP) is all you need to create a stunning, unique roleplay server.

    The Q7 Framework is FiveMs best and most authentically designed package. Option feature is available in this package. For example, there are 5 bank scripts, the customer can choose and use the one he likes. For optional scripts, we leave the choice to the customer’s taste. So the customer can create their favorite server.

    Anti Cheat protected and +100 FPS Guaranteed package. It provides a pleasant role enjoyment with all original scripts suitable for HardRP Quality. All vehicle modes have been carefully added and designed specifically for the package. All handles have been written by trials. It is one of the most beautiful packages with the most ultra modern scripts.

    Database: oxmysql, mysql, ghmattimysql(you can choose)

    Voice systems (you can choose): PMA-VOICE, MUMBLE, TOKOVOIP (you can also configure it with SaltyChat if you want)

    Video call feature that comes ready-made without the need to purchase anything additional! Take advantage of updates! Working with ESX Client codes and menu and QBCore

    Customer panel where you can do everything!

    Option feature is available in this package. For example, there are 5 bank scripts, the customer can choose and use the one he likes. For optional scripts, we leave the choice to the customer’s taste.

  • -59% EchoRP

    [QBCore] EchoRP Server Files

    FiveM Mods $171.90 Add to cart
    • QBCore Server base
    • NoPixel 3.5 style
    • Bike pick script
    • Hunting
    • Many jobs
    • Pet system (buy pets)
    • NoPixel-style stancer
    • Original NoPixel robbery script
    • much, much more!
  • -58% QBCore NoPixel

    NoPixel 3.5 Server Files Base (QBCore)

    FiveM server templates $176.72 Add to cart

    Full NoPixel server files

    NoPixel 3.5 Full server | NoPixel 3.0 Full server | NoPixel 3.0 | NoPixel 3.5 | Nopixel source | NoPixel server Files

    60 days Premium Support included

    Once you purchased, you will receive a download link of the full fivem nopixel server files via mail

  • -40%

    Infinity Server (Dutch)

    FiveM server templates $141.61 Add to cart

    You have to configure your Discord Whitelist API in the files (framework core files)!

    Language: Dutch

    Infinity Framework server Infinity is a framework that is build on QBCore but is simply 20 steps ahead of qbcore itself and pepe, basicly for the fact that it is build on Onesync Infinity which means and is proven to handle 200+ players. A stable FiveM Infinity ready framework build on QBCore but alot of extra features but the most important one is it is capable of having 200+ players due to the fact that it is build on onesync infinity. Users that are fimilar with ESX and its nicely features like identity cards etc are at the right place to buy this wonderful piece of art. We have the official Infinity rightfully owner in our discord with the needed roles and capability to answer anyone’s question, support is given fixes aswell! This is THE server you need if you want to start up in a matter of minutes, cars and mlo’s included runs also fine on regular Onesync but has the prefer to run on Infinity and mumble server capability. Server will be delivered with the following features: Rich environment of the core. Build in Anticheat, detects anything you throw at it. Jobs: Beertender, Truck driver, Forklifting, Diving, Sea salvaging, Mining, Garbage, Postman, Bank Truck Driver, Butcher, Burgershot, Fishing, Tow Truck, Taxi, Grapeyard, Woodcutting and alot more

    Illegal content: New ways of drugfarming, unique effects aswel as some cool features like using a laptop for recieving coords to new drugs and so on Open weed fields Steal copper from the trainyards Complete Skill-tree, train your character to the max everything you do earns your character specific skills for example:

    Alot of training on the weights make your punches more powerful when actually fighting another player

    So in a perspective way everyone will skill differently and combining it all together can either be a very good team or a complete failure. Also included:

    Interactive ID and Driverlicense, with your own character photo and details on them in the chat when using one of these items.​
    Text2Speech menu’s on a natural way via the best plugins written inside the core​
    ECash Crypto live course and system in the phone​
    Sounds are 3D and Serversided. So if anyone would call you for example the people in a circle of 2 meters around you also hear your phone ringing just like IRL.​
    New Garage: Park your vehicle anywhere, and retrieve it via the Radialmenu (F1)​
    Boatshop + Garage​
    Helicopter Garage + Shop​
    New Lottery UI​

    ….Its alot of content to write and i’m sure i am missing some features.. It is working fantastic and has all required web files needed for everything to work properly. It includes an own MDT written to work on this framework, without issues. You can not recieve these web files as the mdt or upload process of avatars elsewhere, it is exclusively sold only trough this website. This is a full on package, and totally different then pepe or lotus just by the fact its 200+ slots ready, just that alone takes things a bit higher, the system is exclusively sold here, and here only. If you find it elsewhere please report it to us, so we can take action. Languages: Dutch, translations are in the making you need to create your own LANG.lua which will be explained asap via this website once the process of this is done.

  • -66% FiveM Gangwars

    FiveM Gang Wars Server

    FiveM server templates $55.61 Add to cart

    Language: Spanish

    • Resmon: 0.42 CL
    • Resmon: 0.27 SV
    • FPS: +120
    • Resources: 53
    • Es_Extended: legacy
    • SQL: YES
    • Support: YES
    • Ready to play?: YES
  • -36% Nopixel server

    EthicalRP Server (NoPixel 3.0 inspired)

    FiveM server templates $152.32 Add to cart


    This server is a NoPixel 3.0 inspired base, purple design

    -> All NoPixel 3.0 scripts, maps and cars

    Scroll down to see the full feature list



    • New coke, weed and meth
    • New housing shells.​
    • New bank system
    • Continuesly cycling PDM vehicles.
    • Alot of new Citizen jobs.​
    • Third Eye system
    • New PD system​
    • Police evidence cases​
    • New Admin menu​
    • New Garage system​
    • New Phone with better apps.
    • Low on cpu usage and Resmon (optimized)
    • New Meos system​
    • Skill system​
    • New Spawn NUI​
    • New Character Selection Menu​
    • Synced Player Jobs
    • Human Lab Robbery
    • A New Robbery Heist for your players!​
    • New Jewellery Robbery
    • New vehicle selling in your phone!
    • Services page updated.
    • Police Impound Menu
    • New Garage UI
    • Revamped Mechanic job
    • Racing App in Phone.
    • Taxi Job back and better then ever!
    • Pizza delivery job
    • Burgershot synced workplace
    • Boss Menu’s
  • -33% CLRP Logo

    CLRP (Pandora Roleplay Server)

    FiveM server templates $151.64 Add to cart

    NoPixel 3.0 inspired server

    Framework: ESX
    Special jobs included: Biker, Burger Shot, DOJ, Fueler, Gallery, GoPostal/Post, Judge, Kafana, Mafia and many more!
    Many illegal jobs like OxyRuns, Fleeca robbery
    Full tuning system, custom import vehicles and police vehicles!

    Full server with NoPixel 3.0 inspiration

    Need help with installation? Order installation service

  • -37% Qbus

    QBCore Framework NoPixel 3.0 Server (Qbus “V4”)

    FiveM server templates $187.10 Add to cart

    We release, based on a genuine quality build framework called QBCore.
    Our new V4 is based on NoPixel 3.0 with more advanced RP Features.

    This server is NOT on ESX – its on QBUS!

    So What We Have On Our New Base. Let’s See in the video. Also, I mistakenly didn’t take some new missions. So We will write it here.

    This is a very optimized server and well equipped with the newest features! 120+ fps guaranteed.

    If you are convinced that this is the best investment for your server please go ahead and place your order. We handle it with care and speed! Also, join our discord for any questions.

  • -20% QBus Server

    RSV RP [QBCore] Server

    FiveM server templates $50.54 Add to cart

    NEW Qbus pack for FiveM (not ESX)

  • -42% YBN Server

    YBN LS Inspired Server Pack (ESX)

    FiveM server templates $191.48 Add to cart

    Need help with installation? ✅ Write a ticket
    Server not working? ✅ We make it work

  • -59% FiveM Qbus

    QBCore Super Server Base for FiveM

    FiveM server templates $164.29 Add to cart

    SUPER QBCore Server

    Custom FiveM framework “qbCORE”. Discounted price. Full package.

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