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    ESX Scripts $5.62
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Set the:

    • Title;
    • Message;
    • Time.

    GUIDE down below!


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    Car Music System V3 [Standalone]

    ESX Scripts $21.06
    Rated 0 out of 5
    All players will be able to hear the music if they are close to the car, it can be disabled in config.lua. Principal Features:

    • Play music in cars.
    • The music can be heard inside and outside the car, depending on the distance to it.
    • Xsound 4.5k accepts musics from youtube (without copyright), musics with mp3 format and online radios.
    • It is possible to stop the music, put it in a loop, increase and decrease the volume, move back and forward in seconds.
    • Each job can have multiple music points within its building (Config.lua).

    All features can be changed if you wish, if you want me to make a customized version, please contact me. Dependencies:

    • Any version of ESX or EXM or QBCore

    All dependencies can be adapted to the framework that your server uses. Please, for any changes contact me first.

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    XMas Mega Pack

    ESX Scripts $40.72

    Christmas is coming and it’s about time to share my private collection of FiveM Christmas Mods.  Feel free to diversify your server roleplay.

    # Inside:
    * ❄️ Nice Video LoadingScreen **with snowing FX** ?
    * ❄️ **Snowmobile** (new and old style) ?
    * ❄️ **Snow ball script** with xmas weather ?
    * ❄️ **Xmas design** mapping ?
    * ❄️ Very cool **Xmas design** vehicles (ambulance & polices) ?

    # Install:
    ### Add resource

    1. Download code
    2. Copy all folder to server resource folder
    3. Add all resource’s in server.cfg.
    4. Add YouTube url and Set caption in “4rn_xmasvideoload/config.js”
    5. Restart youre server

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    Opticom Traffic Light System

    ESX Scripts $18.24
    Rated 0 out of 5

    This script allows you to have a Realistic Opticom Infrared system with many realistic features to enhance your gameplay. Note: This Script Can Be Used As Standalone, ESX, QBCORE, and Any Framework Features

    • Works On All Vehicles
    • Works With Every Framework
    • Heading To Traffic Light Turns Green On Detection
    • Nearby Traffic Lights Turn Red On Detection
    • Nearby AI Traffic Stops For The Emergency Vehicle once the Opticom Detects It
    • Works With All Traffic Lights Including Custom Ones
    • Whitelist Vehicles Other Than The Emergency Class Vehicles
    • Blacklist Vehicles From Being Detected
    • Traffic Lights And Traffic Resets After Detectance With A Defined Period Of Time
    • Multiple Configuration Options Including Detection Distance, Detection Range, Toggle Emergency Vehicle Class Whitelist, Toggle Traffic Stopping, And More
    • Well Optimized
    • And Much More…
    • Standalone, ESX, QBCORE, And Any Framework
    • Perfectly Synced
    • One sync Compatible

    Installation 1. Purchase the resource. 2. Check your email (And Spam Folder) for the resource 3. Place the resource files in your server’s resources folder! Note: The Script Can Be Used On Multiple Servers And Doesn’t Use The Escrow System! Usage You Can Enable/Disable The Emergency Vehicle Class Whitelist In Settings.ini Edit Any Configuration Needed Inside The Settings.ini

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    Advanced Tablet V1.0 [Standalone]

    FiveM Mods $19.66
    Rated 0 out of 5

    The tablet is made for beginners.
    inside there is information how you can make more menus and text if you need it everything is described.
    The source code is open you can change whatever you want.
    You can see the video below how it looks. (the video is in another language, but the tablet is fully translated into English)

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    NoPixel Ski Board System

    FiveM Mods $5.62
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Ski on snow!

    Little minigame, it’s fun! Everything included.

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    Sheriff Horse System (Standalone)

    FiveM Mods $16.85

    Ride horse script for FiveM

    This mod is perfect for sheriff roleplay!

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    Modular MK18 (FiveM mod)

    FiveM Mods $28.08
    • 44 Different Attachments and 100’s of Different Possible Weapon Configurations
    • High Quality Model
    • Animated
    • Iron Sights and Scopes Line up perfectly
    • Red Dot Scopes, Fixed Zoom Scopes, Variable Zoom Scopes
    • Add-on Weapon
    • Comes with a Beautiful Weapon Customization & Spawn Menu
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    FiveM PD Animations

    FiveM Mods $28.08

    Animation pack for Police job (dpEmotes)

    Make your police actions more realistic.

    4 custom animations included.

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    Raid Car Menu

    FiveM Standalone Scripts $16.85

    FiveM car menu, with nice overview of fuel and health

  • Pool Billiard -37% Add to cart Quick View

    rcore Pool Billiard Minigame

    ESX Scripts $71.40

    FiveM Pool Billiard Minigame

    • Works on every server (esx/vrp/anything)
    • Straight pool or 8 ball
    • All pool tables anywhere work
    • Anyone can play
    • Fully multiplayer synced
    • Full sound support – balls colliding, balls being pocketed, balls bouncing off of cushions
    • Uses WarMenu (included), but you can easily use your own menu system
  • Mega Gun -23% Add to cart Quick View

    Car Mega Gun (MLO+Script Minigame)

    FiveM Standalone Scripts $37.91

    Grab a car, get in the mega gun, and fly to the moon. Map + script included


    • Spin the giant bottle ?;
    • Shoot vehicles with Mega Gun ?;
    • Control Mega Gun via remote panel ?️;
    • Toggle smoke for vehicles with 8 colors ?;
    • Land on special track with distance indicators ?️;
  • FiveM RTX -50% Add to cart Quick View

    AwesomeKills Graphics Mod (RTX)

    FiveM Standalone Scripts $14.04

    Images using this mod: here Lastest modification update for GTA V. Hope you enjoy it.

  • FiveM Crosshair -58% Add to cart Quick View

    FiveM Crosshair Script

    FiveM Standalone Scripts $7.02

    dZp Crosshair provides:

    • Hit Marker on hitting any other non dead ped;
    • Red Marker on killing other ped;
    • Hit sound;
    • Works on NPC and Player peds

    Works with any framework. Video preview down below.

  • NoPixel Skillcheck -53% Add to cart Quick View

    NoPixel 3.0 Skillcheck

    FiveM Standalone Scripts $11.23

    Original NoPixel 3.0 skillcheck

    Create your own NoPixel server with this skillcheck standalone script. This is like fastcheck (redesign)

    Usage: exports[“np-circlegame”]:task(4, 2, 4)


  • FiveM Ferris Wheel -40% Add to cart Quick View

    FiveM Ferris Wheel

    FiveM Standalone Scripts $16.85

    Ferris Wheel for FiveM

    Have fun!

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