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    Advanced Banking System [Level System][Standalone]

    ESX Scripts $22.47
    Rated 0 out of 5

    About :
    – ESX / QB / QBCore / QBUS / Standalone – Full Responsive
    – Withdraw, Deposit, Transfer
    – IBAN, Pin
    – Transfer Limit System
    – Full Logs For Your History (Invoices,Job Payment)
    – Open Source

    STG Developments

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    FX Banking

    ESX Scripts $49.15
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    FiveM banking script

    Supported: ESX, QBCore.

    ATM script

    Welcome to FX-Banking An advanced banking system
    This resource was made to give the players a alternative to the old ones.


    • Deposit or withdraw money from your bank account
    • Create your own credit card
    • Custom Notifications
    • History page
    • Invoices Page
    • Shared Accounts


    • ESX
    • QBUS
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    ESX Scripts $30.89


    This is a Banking System with a beautiful and user-friendly interface that, once again, will please the eyes of your players.

    [How it works]


    • You can transfer money to a player even if he is offline;
    • Once you open the menu for the first time it will automatically generate your IBAN;
    • You won’t need to manually add all the societies to your database, you simply need to add them to the config file, and once someone from that society opens the Bank menu it will automatically add it to the database;
    • When you make a transaction (deposit, withdraw, transfer – whether when you send or receive) it will automatically update the graphic and the transactions table;
    • You can add any type of transactions to the bank (for example the salary, you can find a detailed explanation on how to add it on the README file);
    • You can create custom IBANs (on the Settings page), set its pricemax length and if it can have letters or only numbers.
    • The first time you open the Bank menu you won’t have a PIN code, so, to set it you need to go to a bank (banks don’t require you to insert the PIN, only ATMs do) and set it up on the Settings tab;
    • The user image on the top right will change depending on your character gender (male/female).

    In the config file you are able to set:

    • If you want to use okokTextUI 37;
    • The automatic IBAN prefix;
    • How many characters the IBAN has by default;
    • How many characters the IBAN can have when changing it to a custom one (Settings tab);
    • If the custom IBAN can have letters or only numbers (Settings tab);
    • How much it costs to change the IBAN to a custom one (Settings tab);
    • How much it costs to change the PIN (Settings tab);
    • The ATM animation time;
    • The allowed societies to have a bank account;
    • The society ranks that can access the society bank account;
    • Whether if you want to activate the Bank blips or not.

    okokNotify 15 is not included.
    okokTextUI 37 is not included.

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    Rick Banking

    ESX Scripts $19.66

    This is and bank script that make players able to make a completely new bank account. Players are able to create an good amount of bank account, player will be able to share there bank account with friends. There is also bank account for jobs only the two high grade in a job will be able to login the job bank account there are four job’s bank account already made if you have more jobs You can make An job bank account for them easy in the Database. There is also an atm script player’s will be able to withdraw money to pay there bills or to get someone at the nearest ATM .

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    FzD Banking

    ESX Scripts $40.72

    FzD Banking has been a project of mine for a while now, it is now finally ready to be released. It has many features such as:

    • Displays Balance (Bank and Cash)
    • Quick Actions (Withdraw and Deposit)
    • Withdraw Page
    • Deposit Page
    • Transfer Page
    • Saving Accounts (Saved to the data base to allow user to save they money in a safe place.)
    • Account Options (Request for credit card and change pin)
    • Only use ATM if you have a bank card, must enter correct pin (If you forget you pin you can change it at the bank)
    • Optimized (Will check to see if you are need the bank for markers to draw)
    • Not IP Locked
    • More to come! (Welcome to leave suggestions)
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    Real looking Banking (for ESX)

    ESX Scripts $42.13
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    Nopixel Banking

    ESX Scripts $16.85
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