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    Bennys Huge VIP V5.1

    FiveM MLO / Maps 49.96

    For FiveM and AltV!

    Included is also a lift script.

    The Benny’s works for “FIVEM” and “ALTV”, only the elevator is not
    ALTV compatible and is replaced by a static elevator.
    You will find in the ZIP:
    An original version of benny’s and a black and white version.
    An elevator script for fivem.

    You will find in the benny’s:
    – additional rooms
    – outdoor parking
    – a cloakroom
    – an office
    – an elevator for 1 MAX vehicle at the same time (you can ride several players inside) (fivem compatible only)
    – a sub -ground
    – a relaxation area


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    Tuning System (ESX/EXM)

    ESX Scripts 23.57

    Hello everyone, I hope you are going ok. Today I decided to launch a vehicle tuning/modding script. With this script, players will be able to modify (or pay to modify) their cars to the maximum detail! This script has many tunings that normal tuning scripts don’t have, such as: DLC Wheels, Xenon Lights, Interior Details, Extra options, and much more! With this script, your server will be able to have a much wider range of different vehicles, and everyone will love it!


    There are several options in the config.lua to change, which should be changed to your liking.

    Principal Features:

    • Tuning/Modifying the vehicle
    • Society discount system (config.lua)
    • Changing the vehicle color in RGB
    • DLC wheels included
    • Many modifications that don’t exist in normal scripts
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    Bennys GlowUp + Office

    FiveM MLO / Maps 22.61

    This is a GlowUp for the Bennys tuner. It has a entrance with a movable sliding gate, a special parking spot and a very nice office

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    Nation Bennys (ESX)

    ESX Scripts 19.65

    Tuning script for Bennys (with RGB colors). You can modify, customize anything on the vehicle with this new menu.

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    Nation Bennys / LSC (for VRPEX)

    vRP Scripts 19.65
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