Bomb Disposal

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    Bomb Disposal Robot EOD for FiveM

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    This resource is an exciting addition to any roleplay server, allowing players to setup and use a remote controlled bomb disposal robot (EOD). The robot is fully controllable and includes a range of realistic features such as the ability to carry out a controlled explosion, ability to shoot a jet of water from the robot and the ability to enable the livestream camera. This means you’ll be able to watch the live camera on the robot whilst stood far away from the threat. Night vision will assist you in darkness.


    /eod – Activates or deactivates the hose
    Arrow keys – Controls the remote control movement of the robot
    Enter – Toggles the live stream camera
    Home – Toggles the night vision mode (whilst on the camera)
    Page Up – Begin a controlled explosion
    Page Up – Cancel a controlled explosion (within 5 seconds)
    Insert – Hold this down to spray a jet of water

    Simply run the command to remove the EOD.


    • Create and remote a remote controlled EOD robot – Simply do /eod to setup a new robot in front of you. An on-screen display will assist with informing the player of the key binds to operate it. The movement of the robot is controlled with the arrow keys, it is able to travel far distances away from the player.
    • Enable a live streamed video from the robot – No matter how far away you are, you can easily enable the live streamed camera, completely transforming the roleplay experience. You’ll be able to watch the robot as it moves round corners and enters buildings in order to make the scene safe.
    • Enable night vision mode – In some roleplay situations, you’ll be dealing with potentially unsafe environments at night. Enabling the night vision mode allows you to lighten up the area and see clearly through the live streamed camera.
    • Shoot a jet of water – This exciting feature allows you to begin shooting a jet of high pressured water from the robot. This is fully synced with all players and is used in roleplay situations to disarm a bomb (the wires) or prevent a controlled explosion from creating a fire in the area.
    • Controlled explosion – In some cases, the only option is to carry out a controlled explosion. This is activated at the press of a button and will start a countdown. Players are able to cancel this if they wish before the final detonation. This features audio and an effect if the player is nearby the explosion. A small fire may start, the jet of water can mitigate that.

    Framework Integration – vRP / ESX / Others

    • Permission checks – You can integrate this into your framework by editing the server.lua file. You can use exports to use database permission checking or even integrate this into vRP or ESX.


    1. Purchase the resource
    2. Create a new resource folder in your server directory.
    3. Check your email for the downloaded resource, please check your spam folder.
    4. Place the contents of the downloaded .zip inside the resource folder.
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