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    2NA Car Control

    FiveM Mods $24.63
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    Control your vehicles parts (doors, hood, trunk)

    Control your vehicles engine/lights/etc.

    Listen to music with your friends synchronically from YouTube

    Park camera system to make your parking easier

    Mileage system that tracks your vehicle’s miles (Can be disabled from config)

  • -44% Ottos Autos

    Ottos Autos (Dealership from NP)

    FiveM Mods $27.80
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    NoPixel 3.5 Dealership

    Ottos Autos, original design

  • -56% PDM

    Premium Deluxe Motorsport (PDM MLO)

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    Premium Deluxe Motorsport

    Just like the original, but different location

  • -33% Tuning

    Tuning System (ESX/EXM)

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    Hello everyone, I hope you are going ok. Today I decided to launch a vehicle tuning/modding script. With this script, players will be able to modify (or pay to modify) their cars to the maximum detail! This script has many tunings that normal tuning scripts don’t have, such as: DLC Wheels, Xenon Lights, Interior Details, Extra options, and much more! With this script, your server will be able to have a much wider range of different vehicles, and everyone will love it!


    There are several options in the config.lua to change, which should be changed to your liking.

    Principal Features:

    • Tuning/Modifying the vehicle
    • Society discount system (config.lua)
    • Changing the vehicle color in RGB
    • DLC wheels included
    • Many modifications that don’t exist in normal scripts
  • -42% Donor Car Shop

    Donor Shop

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    Donor Shop

    Donor Shop gives your loyal donors a reward system in-game, utilizing a donor token currency, distributed by the server admins.

    Tiered/ranked system, giving each rank access to the vehicles of the donor tier below for a cheaper price.

    You will be in control of manual distribution of the points and tiers through the in-game.

    All rewards, tiers and prices are configurable.

  • -60%

    LSPA Multi-Package

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  • -61% T1ger Scrapyard

    T1ger Scrapyard

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  • -76% Luxury Vehicle

    Luxury Car Dealership (MLO)

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  • Premium Nitro

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