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    Story Vehicle Dealership

    ESX Scripts 37.53
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Custom Vehicle Dealership script with qtarget and easy config

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    Platinum Cars V2 (Luxury)

    FiveM MLO (Maps) 24.60

    The Platinum Cars V2

    The Platinumcars dealership offers a uniqe setting located in Little Seuol, including a large showroom surrounded with panoramic glass which offers a view towards the street. The dealership contains multiple entrances connected to private parking for both staff and customers. As a manager of this dealership the second floor is perfect for administration, containing a CEO window corner office, a meeting room, minor offices and a kitchen. If you want quality and quantity to supplement your roleplay in a dealership, then this is the map for you.

    Amazing for your Luxury Cars!

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    VIP VehicleShop (Cardealer Gallery)

    ESX Scripts 44.02

    Multiple Vehicle Gallery System

    Car Shop, Vehicle shop, dealership for ESX Framework

    You can set the vehicles to be listed specific to the gallery.
    You can set the gallery only for job (like police job, ambulance job)
    You can enter separate coordinates for each gallery.
    You can set different camera angles for each gallery.
    You can activate the payment with black money. (with item)
    This script is made using esx v1 final (meta based) and ghmattimysql.
    Tools can be set via config without the need for sql.

    Added Mysql-async option
    Added Native esx money pay (for all esx versions)
    UI Renewed

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    Premium CarDealer / Dealership (MLO)

    FiveM MLO (Maps) 37.55

    The Patoche Car dealer mapping is available for download
    You will find in the mapping:
    – 1 car dealer area including: a room for exhibitions, a sales office and a boss office / meeting room

    Β The mapping is in town, see image of the position

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    Benefactor CarDealer

    FiveM MLO (Maps) 25.89
  • Rockford Autos -50% Add to cart Quick View

    Sunrise Autos / Rockford Dealership

    FiveM MLO (Maps) 30.06
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    Platinum Car Dealer

    FiveM MLO (Maps) 32.37
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