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    City Hall MLO Fluroine

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $47.74

    Cityhall building according to the customer’s specifications. It is possible to create individual interiors for RAGE/ 5M/AltV. The building is made of 10 locations optimized for the game. – a hall with a performance area, a secretariat, a security room, lifts on each floor (with the CORRECT floor indication), recreation areas – 2 toilets: male and female – 6 free premises – meeting room – the governor’s office with a private lounge and a secret room with a personal lift there is also MLO parking under the building. External building mapping features server

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    Department of Justice CityHall (DoJ)

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $49.15

    Department of Justice MLO

    FiveM DoJ map in Cityhall

    v1 + v2

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    Deluxe Cityhall

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $49.15
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