• -39% PaletoBay Dealership

    Paleto Bay Dealership

    FiveM MLO $42.84
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    | Here are the contents of this package:

    • Located at Harmony.
    • Located at Paleto Bay
    • Fully furnished, showroom, office, and more…

    Watch the showcase video now

    NEW! Visit this interior now on FiveM at: connect 

  • -63%

    QBCore VIP Dealerships

    qbCore Scripts $25.70
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    Managers are required to order vehicles that take several days (configurable) to appear in stock. Stock and society money are saved in database.

    Employee management (hiring, firing, promote, demote) also included.

    This script comes with extensive discord logging and debug prints to the console.

    This script uses qb-menu, qb-input and PolyZone.

  • -50% Luxury Autos

    Dealership MLO V12 (Luxury Cars)

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    Luxury Autos MLO

    Perfect for your server to sell luxury import vehicles. The ideal dealership for your FiveM server. The mixture between the shiny look of the dealership and the reliquary aspect of the contractor’s office will satisfy your players.

  • -57% FiveM Vehicleshop

    VIP VehicleShop (Cardealer Gallery)

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    Multiple Vehicle Gallery System

    Car Shop, Vehicle shop, dealership for ESX Framework

    You can set the vehicles to be listed specific to the gallery.
    You can set the gallery only for job (like police job, ambulance job)
    You can enter separate coordinates for each gallery.
    You can set different camera angles for each gallery.
    You can activate the payment with black money. (with item)
    This script is made using esx v1 final (meta based) and ghmattimysql.
    Tools can be set via config without the need for sql.

    Added Mysql-async option
    Added Native esx money pay (for all esx versions)
    UI Renewed

  • -35% Dealership

    Premium CarDealer / Dealership (MLO)

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    The Patoche Car dealer mapping is available for download
    You will find in the mapping:
    – 1 car dealer area including: a room for exhibitions, a sales office and a boss office / meeting room

     The mapping is in town, see image of the position

  • -63% Nopixel Vehicleshop

    NoPixel v3 Showroom Vehicle Shop (ESX/QB)

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    Map + Script

    for ESX + QBCore.

  • -76%

    Luxury Dealership

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    Luxury Dealership
    It has 1 floor, 1 main room for the cars, 3 offices, a auction pedestal and a tuning garage

    How to Install:

    1. Get the data out of the WinRAR File.
    2. Put it into your FiveM resources folder.
    3. Edit the server.cfg and type “start vgempirius”
    4. Restart your server and it should be there!

    If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact me 🙂

  • -64% JDM Dealership

    JDM Dealership

    FiveM MLO $56.87 Add to cart

    JDM Dealership for FiveM

  • -50% Rockford Autos

    Sunrise Autos / Rockford Dealership

    FiveM MLO $29.35
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  • -76% Luxury Vehicle

    Luxury Car Dealership (MLO)

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