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    RackleMods VIP Package

    FiveM Clothes (EUP) $58.91
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    Unifying three detailed and well-crafted packs, this collection is designed to bring authenticity, distinction, and an elevated sense of uniformity to your department. Included in this pack are:

    1. Chevron Stripe EUP Pack: Elevate the look of your department’s senior members with these vibrant supervisor stripes, offering seven distinct rankings. Designed to seamlessly fit both long-sleeve and short-sleeve uniform shirts across all genders. A myriad of color options are available, and files come in an easy-to-use YDD and YTD drag-and-drop format.
    2. Collar Rank EUP Pack: Let your superiors shine with nine unique collar ranks. Every detail matters, and these ranks, whether pinned to a closed or open collar, add that extra touch of professionalism and respect. All ranks are unified into one model, allowing you to cycle through textures to find the desired rank. Files are provided in YDD and YTD format.
    3. Shoulder Rank EUP Pack: For those formal occasions or when you want a touch of class on your dress uniform, look no further than these shoulder ranks. Echoing the details of the collar ranks but placed on the shoulder, these badges of honor truly make a statement. Files are provided in YDD and YTD format.
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    Huge VIP Clothing Package

    FiveM Clothes (EUP) $48.20
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    Huge VIP Clothing Pack V5 – now available for purchase. After buying you’ll receive a link via eMail.

    This latest version of our popular pack boasts a range of enhancements and features, including 10gb of fully customized clothing options for use on FiveM servers globally. Comprising a comprehensive array of items, from apparel and accessories to facial features and jewelry, our clothing pack is compatible with both the qbcore and esx frameworks.

    Moreover, it replaces the standard clothing provided in GTAV (FiveM) completely.

    + 10 GB of new clothings for your server | a FiveM Patreon license is needed.

    Watch the Video Preview down below to see all!

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    San Andreas State Trooper Pack

    FiveM Clothes (EUP) $25.28 Add to cart

    San Andreas State Police Trooper Uniforms

    Male and female uniforms for your state. With template files included.

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    NoPixel Peds 3.0

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    Official NoPixel Peds

    With Abdul, Kyle, Hulk, Mando, etc.

    All peds from NP in one package, as one FiveM resource.

    1.4 GB

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    Funk Clothes Final FiveM Clothes

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    -mPed Character clothes fit for MP Male and MP Female characters.

    -Special gang clothes for Ballas-Aztecas-The Families-Vagos-Bloods-Crips-Lost MC.(Hats,masks,pants,hoodie and much more)

    -Special clothing for every police departmant. LSPD LSSD LSSP etc. (Comes with a californa based police pack aswell if you want.)

    (Tactical Vests,Patrol Vests,Hats,Radio Equipment and more.)

    490+ Female clothing.
    380 Male clothing.
    Tens of custom chains, accessories, hats face tattoos and more!

    195+ Female hair with diffrent texuteres.

    100+ Male hair with diffrent textures.

    Custom clothes for Weazel News.

    Custom chains for gangs and civilians.
    Custom peds. (for police and gangs)

    Custom Ped clothes.

    Custom face tattoos.

    Custom body tattoos.Custom hats for peds and custom characters.All eup-stream files included in the pack so you don’t need to use eup-stream scripts.

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    LSPD UP Major Male (+ Female Update)

    FiveM Clothes (EUP) $61.93 Add to cart
    • 714 MB of Female Clothes for Police Officers (+ Male)
    • Male Police Officer Clothes
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    FiveM EUP Pack V5 (Premium Clothes)

    FiveM Clothes (EUP) $31.59 Add to cart

    For male and female characters. FiveM servers EUP

    All optimized and ready for your fivem server!

    Premium version


    You need a FiveM patreon license for the pack.

    4,6 GB

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    NoPixel All EUP (Clothing)

    FiveM Clothes (EUP) $36.65 Add to cart
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    Cap Pack

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