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    FiveM Drone Script

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    This is a drone script for FiveM servers.

    Perfect for FiveM police overwatch situations. Or simply spy your players.


    /drone – This will setup a drone on the floor in front of you, run this command again to delete it.
    Forward Arrow – Move the drone forward
    Backward Arrow – Move the drown backward
    Left Arrow – Tilt the drone left
    Right Arrow – Tilt the drone right
    Enter – Toggle live camera stream
    Home – Toggle night vision
    Delete – Toggle thermal imaging
    Page Up – Move the drone up, increasing the altitude
    Page Down – Move the drone down, decreasing the altitude
    Insert – Automatically land the drone


    • Remote Control – Unlike other drones seen in the past, you are not required to physically drive this yourself and get inside. This is fully remote controlled using the keys above. You can be stood on the edge of an incident and fly the drone in, getting a full view of the situation by enabling the live camera.
    • Night vision / Thermal imaging – Many emergency situations require the use of night vision or thermal imaging, such as searching for a wanted or missing person. Alternatively, fire and rescue teams may use this to analyse a situation, looking at how the fire is spreading and if anyone else is inside. Your imagination is the limit.

    Framework Integration – vRP / ESX / Others

    • Permission checks – You can easily edit the sv_drone.lua file to add permissions.


    1. Purchase the resource!
    2. Create a new resource folder in your server directory.
    3. Check your email for the downloaded resource, please check your spam folder.
    4. Place the contents of the downloaded .zip inside the resource folder.
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