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    This is a script with a beautiful interface that allows you to make reports/feedbacks through a command.

    [How it works]

    Basically when you type ‘/report‘ a nice menu pops up, it allows you to send different types of feedbacks such as a player report, a general question or to report a bug to the server admins.

    To assist the feedbacks players make, admins should type ‘/reports‘, which will open a list of the pendent feedbacks, once you select a feedback it will open a window with all the information of that feedback, such as the category (player report, question, bug), the subject and the explanation of the issue.

    You are able to set a feedback cooldown to prevent players from spamming feedbacks.

    It includes Discord logs such as: when a feedback is created, when an admin assists the feedback and when an admin concludes it.



    Config.FeedbackClientCommand = ‘report’ — The command that the players use to report something

    Config.FeedbackAdminCommand = ‘reports’ — The command that the admins use to check the pendent feedbacks list

    Config.FeedbackCooldown = 10 — Time in minutes


    Config.ESX = false — Set this to true if you use ESX

    — If you use ESX you don’t need to add any identifier to Config.AdminList because it checks if you have permission by your player group (superadmin, admin, mod)

    — Types of identifiers: steam: | license: | xbl: | live: | discord: | fivem: | ip:

    Config.AdminList = {

    ‘license:2ash123ad1337a15029a21a6s4e3622f91cde1d0’, — Example, change this

    ‘discord:370910283901283929’ — Example, change this


    ————————– DISCORD LOGS

    — To set your Discord Webhook URL go to server.lua, line 13

    Config.BotName = ‘ServerName’ — Write the desired bot name

    Config.ServerName = ‘ServerName’ — Write your server’s name

    Config.IconURL = ” — Insert your desired image link

    Config.DateFormat = ‘%d/%m/%Y [%X]’ — To change the date format check this website –

    — To change a webhook color you need to set the decimal value of a color, you can use this website to do that –

    Config.NewFeedbackWebhookColor = ‘65352’

    Config.AssistFeedbackWebhookColor = ‘16127’

    Config.ConcludeFeedbackWebhookColor = ‘16711680’


    Idle: 0.00-0.01ms

    When executing any event: 0.00-0.01ms

    • Easy to use
    • Easy to install
    • No IP lock
    • Source code
    • Fully customizable
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