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  • CLRP Logo -33% Add to cart Quick View

    CLRP (Pandora Roleplay Server)

    FiveM server templates 155.35

    NoPixel 3.0 inspired server

    Framework: ESX
    Special jobs included: Biker, Burger Shot, DOJ, Fueler, Gallery, GoPostal/Post, Judge, Kafana, Mafia and many more!
    Many illegal jobs like OxyRuns, Fleeca robbery
    Full tuning system, custom import vehicles and police vehicles!

    Full server with NoPixel 3.0 inspiration

    Need help with installation? Order installation service

  • QBus Server -20% Add to cart Quick View

    RSV RP [QBCore] Server

    FiveM server templates 51.78

    NEW Qbus pack for FiveM (not ESX)

  • YBN Server -42% Add to cart Quick View

    YBN LS Inspired Server Pack (ESX)

    FiveM server templates 196.16

    Need help with installation? ✅ Write a ticket
    Server not working? ✅ We make it work

  • QBus Server -27% Add to cart Quick View

    QBus / QBCore Full Server v4.1

    qbCore Scripts 58.26

    Complete server based on QBCore, fully optimized, updated to Official v3.6, contains more than 150 original and mythical QB resources, ready for you to start your server with a good base of the best quality in the market.

  • FiveM Qbus -59% Add to cart Quick View

    QBCore Super Server Base for FiveM

    FiveM server templates 168.31

    SUPER QBCore Server

    Custom FiveM framework “qbCORE”. Discounted price. Full package.

  • Super ESX Server -30% Add to cart Quick View

    Super ESX Server v7

    FiveM server templates 181.24

    The Super ESX Server is one of the best FiveM server templates – over 1.000 purchases!

    Want to know why we call it our “Super Server”? Check out our video to find out some of the basics details of the world.

  • Fivem ESX Server -35% Add to cart Quick View

    ESX Server Base

    FiveM server templates 71.21

    Prebuilt FiveM server with ESX framework

  • nopixel server -70% Add to cart Quick View

    [ESX] NoPixel inspired

    FiveM server templates 168.30

    Full customized server template for FiveM, Nopixel style

    Based on ESX framework

  • pixelworld roleplay -72% Add to cart Quick View

    Pixelworld Server

    FiveM server templates 179.96

    [+] resources fixed
    [+] database installation tutorial
    [+] 400+ custom Maps
    [+] More than 500 custom addon / replace vehicles (fully controlled handling)
    [+] Resources can be easily converted to any framework

  • -32% Add to cart Quick View

    ESX NoPixel Server Script

    FiveM server templates 100.67
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