• -52% Medical Center

    Central Hospital (Medical MLO)

    FiveM MLO $34.27 Add to cart
  • -29% Pillbox

    Pillbox Hill Hospital Center MLO V5 (47 rooms)

    FiveM MLO $44.23 Add to cart

    Pillbox Hill Hospital

    • 47 rooms
    • many stories
    • doctor offices
    • realistic medical equipment
    • MLO mapped
  • -56% FiveM Medic Hospital Tower

    Eclipse Medical Tower (Hospital)

    FiveM MLO $55.61 Add to cart

    Medical Tower You get 3 versions: FiveM, altV, rageMP Doorlock files included

    Many rooms, best view to the Vinewood Hills.

    Your medical faction will be happy to use this map.

  • -53% Sandy Shores hospital

    Sandy Shores Hospital

    FiveM MLO $25.94 Add to cart

    This new Sandy Shores hospital is great for any ambulance and medic roleplay! It has:

    • multiple treatment rooms
    • boss room
    • reception room
    • toilet
    • 2 entrances

    Scroll down for a video preview.

  • -55% Ocean Hospital

    Ocean Medical Center (MLO)

    FiveM MLO $37.38 Add to cart

    This project is a new hospital, named

    OCEAN medical center

    The OCEAN Project includes:

    General information :

    A new exterior building, based on the original form of the building with :

    • A complete interior divided into 6 MLO, spread over 5 floors
    • Over 20 new customised medical accessories (with some on-screen animations)
    • Customised full-colour minimap with annotation for all MLO included
  • -58% Fiacre Hospital

    St Fiacre Hospital MLO

    FiveM MLO $21.48 Add to cart

    Get the FiveM St Fiacre Hospital MLO

    With many rooms for Ambulance Roleplay

  • -50% NPC Doctor

    ESX Hospital Bed

    ESX Scripts $13.90 Add to cart

    Hospital script for ESX

    NPC Doctor script

    Inspired by Loaf Scripts


  • -57% Paleto Bay Hospital

    Paleto Bay Hospital

    FiveM MLO $30.33 Add to cart

    Hospital MLO for Paleto Bay

    Have fun doctor-roleplaying here!

  • -65% Mount Zonah

    Mount Zonah Hospital

    FiveM MLO $35.39 Add to cart
  • -38% NoPixel Viceroy

    NoPixel ViceRoy Hospital

    FiveM MLO $31.59 Add to cart

    NoPixel ViceRoy Hospital map.

    From NoPixel 3.0. The Pillbox Hospital (blue) is also included.

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