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    FiveM Motel script

    ESX Scripts $30.89

    Product Description

    A motel resource that allows the player to rent/buy a room and use it as their home, there will be a wardrobe, fridge and drawer where they can store both items and clothes. Using MLO interiors.



    – es_extended [v1-final and lower]

    – MySQL-async (if you have es_extended you probably have this)

    – async (if you have es_extended you probably have this)

    – Starlite Motel MLO – Found here -> Starlite Motel Download



    * You can now visit the motel and walk up to a door and choose whether you want to rent or buy it. (Rent and Buy price are both easily configurable.) There are 23 rooms – if Pink Cage MLO is added there are 35 rooms.

    – Pink Cage MLO Available here: Click This


    * If you are using the keys-resource that comes with the purchase. You will receive a key upon purchase/rent. This key can be copied at the landlord and can then be given to friends using /keymenu

    * If you then cancel your room all keys will be deleted and another player can purchase/rent the room.

    * If you rent your room, you will automatically pay for the room when the days configured has past since last payment (it will pay even if the player is offline). The time is configurable. The time will countdown even if the server is offline.

    * When inside your room you can store items in both the drawer and fridge. There is also a wardrobe where you can store clothes. (Sink added, don’t forget to wash your hands!) (If disc-inventoryhud is enabled it will use this as storage otherwise esx_menus.)

    * You can lock/unlock the door that leads into your room. It will sync and save on relog.

    * You can choose whether the player can purchase/rent more than one room.

    * You can choose to enable raids for policemen. You will then use a command and break up the door. This is configurable.

    * Works in both OneSync and Vanilla

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    Elkridge Hotel SkyBar

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $35.11

    This is a luxury sky bar for your FiveM roleplay server

    Have fun with your friends here


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    Integrity Tower Lobby

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $23.87

    We are very excited to announce our debut interior, Integrity Lobby.

    What the interior consists of: Lobby Reception desk Waiting Lounge 6 Elevators Employee office Copy/File room

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    Mafia Motel | 13 rooms

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $26.68

    Mafia motel for big gangsta mafias!

    Don’t hesitate to show off yourself as mafia or gang if you have this map! This is your best way to show your power you have!

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    UTK Motels (with maps)

    ESX Scripts $40.72

    /Mkapa – opens the door
    /mdkilit – store Unlock / off
    /mdepo – opens the warehouse
    /closet – opens the clothes locker / manages –
    gives the room key

    FiveM hotel / FiveM hotel

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