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    ESX Scripts 29.21
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    • Compatible with ESX & QB-Core
    • Script supports pma-voice, for esx: esx_status and for qb-core default food and drink system on trigger which is used in default qb-hud
    • Customization Hud Menu per key and per command – it is possible to disable the access key to be available only on command or you can completely disable access to this menu
    • When changing the position of any element on the HUD, a grid is displayed to allow the player to adjust the icons more precisely.
    • Seatbelts – If you don’t have a script for seatbelts on your server, you can use the ones available in the script, in the config you can set the minimum speed at which the player must hit something for there to be a possibility of falling through the windshield, and you can set the percentage chance of automatic death
    • Hud Info – You can change the hud in the upper right corner in config to use icons or names from the translation.js file, you can change the icon to your server’s logo in png or gif format and change the name underneath or remove it completely. In the info hud, you can also use the config to remove the cash balance and bank if you don’t want it displayed.
    • Fuel – if you use a fuel system you can use the fuel display on the speedometer but if you don’t have a fuel system you can disable it with config and it will disappear completely from the player’s hud
    • Two speed units – KMH & MPH
    • Two types of speedometer – Linear & Circle in the customization menu of the hud the player can choose the type he likes and change the color, scale and position.
    • Two types of minimaps – Square & Circle, both maps scale their position depending on the user’s game resolution. You can choose the first one which the player will start when he/she joins the server for the first time (the map type is saved in the client’s cache, so when the player joins the server again the previous preset type of the map he/she chose will be loaded).
    • Changing the position of HUD icons – You can freely adjust the position of icons according to the type you choose, horizontal/vertical. This is how they will be displayed. You can also completely disable them using the HUD customization menu. Importantly, you can disable the ability to position icons in the center of the screen in the config, so that the player cannot set, for example, the health status in the center, using it as a crosshair to shooting.
    • Pulsating food and hydration icons when the player’s status is below 20% to inform them.
    • All available options in the Hud Customization Menu are saved locally with the user in the game cache, this means that rejoining will load the user’s previous hud settings and he won’t have to configure it every time he connects to the server.
    • Full support


    For more informations or full view for configs, check our script documentation: HERE

  • -41% FiveM HUD

    VIP HUD V4 (QB)

    FiveM Mods 49.65
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    For QBCore Framework. Ultra clean design, very customizable. Your players will be able to change nearly everything!

    Check out the video down below.

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    Nation HUD

    FiveM Mods 12.63
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    Nation HUD (ESX)

  • -49%


    FiveM Mods 57.44
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    This script allows players to select 3 different type of huds on the settings and many features with it. (QBCore / ESX)



    • 3 Different huds
    • Optional built-in stress system
    • Built-in toggle engine
    • Cinematic mode
    • Ability to hide hud
    • Nitro system synchronized between players
    • Added on/off via config for top right hud
    • Added turning nitro on/off via config
    • Improved turning the engine on and off
    • The hud icons in the settings and the actual hud are put in the same position
    • Stress boost values moved to config
    • Added hud shutdown when opening map
    • Added /cash and /bank commands
    • Added config for Nitro’s power
    • Added config to disable engine power on/off
    • Added config to show date or not
    • Added round map and square map to settings
    • Added logo instead of Watermark text
    • Added changing the color of watermark text via config
    • Added reduce and enlarge speedometer in hud settings
    • Added turning compass on/off from hud settings
    • Optimized resmon
    • Added Ammo hud.
    • Added refresh rate for speedometer
    • Things like hunger, thirst, armor, stamina can now be turned on or off via Config
    • Added drag and drop system
    • You can now hide hud elements according to certain values. (Dynamic Status)
    • Added toggle speedometer and hud from config
      All the features are shown in the video below
  • -24% SNZ HUD


    ESX Scripts 20.68
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    We are thrilled to share the result of our hard work with you.
    Our first release is User Interface. We noticed the community looking for something new and innovative, so we decided to create what you desire. The interface is fully customizable. You can change anything to your liking. We have prepared few types of HUDs. We focused on the previously mentioned features and functionality of our work. The interface is fully compatible with the most popular frameworks and optimized. Thanks to this method you save up the client resources.

    Features of the customized HUD

    Setting the size of individual interface elements
    Setting the font for the entire interface
    Setting the interface theme [MOTIVE COLOR]
    In-build Notification System
    In-build Vehicle Interface
    Dragging interface elements
    Boot-Menu for setting each item separately on startup
    The highest load of 0.06ms and passive 0.04ms
    Well-described documentation
    Easy to use exports
    Saving settings [Local Storage]
    Clean code to edit


  • -53% Venice HUD

    Venice HUD

    ESX Scripts 32.17 Add to cart

    Futuristic Hud Design
    First Curved Progress Bar In FiveM
    On walk and on car transition animations
    0.03 Resmon Value
    Customizable on Open Source Package
    Responsive Design
    Supports ESX Version
    Fully Optimized.
    Color Changing Icons
    Switching keys from Keybinds is active.

    UPDATE :

    -Added /hud command to show or hide hud.
    -Config file has been improved.
    -The config for codem venice notfiy users has been adjusted.
    -Fuel exports can now be edited from the config.

  • -53% FiveM black hud

    BLVCK HUD (Black Hud) V2

    ESX Scripts 32.17 Add to cart

    Futuristic UI Designs
    Adjustable on HTML/CSS
    Customization UI
    Supports SC,PMA,MBL
    Animated Bars
    Responsive Design
    Most Soft Speedometer
    Cinematic Mode Feauture
    Hide / Show Hud Feauture
    Compass On Mouse Move

    BLVCK HUD v2 Update
    -Map growth has been fixed in the game.
    -Added 2k resolution.
    -Fixed issues in other resolutions.
    -Hud command moved to config.
    -Fuel bar fixed.

    For QBCore & ESX

  • -50% Cyberpunk HUD

    FiveM Cyberpunk HUD

    ESX Scripts 40.21 Add to cart
    • Futuristic UI Design
    • FOR ESX and QBUS
    • Most Cyber HUD in FiveM
    • Job and Money Display
    • Custom Map Display
    • 0.03 Resmon Value
    • Glitch Effect on Car Crash And Damage
    • Weapon ammo UI Design
    • Cyber Notification

    Updated :
    -Added /hud command

    • Added to close the border while the map is active
    • Added spam check for cruise and seatbelt
    • Hunger and thirst problem solved
    • Fixed the oxygen bar dropping below 0 when underwater
    • Added Readme
      Update is now avaliable on keymaster. Please download the script again.
  • M-HUD

    ESX Scripts 16.09 Read more

    HUD, inspired by Nopixel server

    works with Tokovoip, Saltychat, Mumble, Pma-voice for hud mic and stress (you need to add stress in your basicneeds)

    with circle map like NP

  • -41% HUD

    FX Hud (NP v3 inspired)

    ESX Scripts 17.23 Add to cart

    This is FX Hud!

    • A simple in-game stats viewer.


    • You’re able to configure your profile settings (in-game viewer).
    • Unique Interface Design.
    • Supported: every voice.
    • Supported Frames: any
  • -38% HUD

    ESX Moveable Premium HUD

    ESX Scripts 19.52 Add to cart


    Package contains:

    – Moveable HUD!

    – Optimized

    – Settings

    – Color Changing

    – Bank, Wallet, Society money

    – Hunger and Thirst

    – Health and Armor

    – Carhud

  • -40% oc hud

    OC HUD (ESX)

    ESX Scripts 14.94 Add to cart


    • Working only with ESX
    • Responsive design
    • Draggable hud elements
    • Sizeable hud settings
    • Switch on\off a single or all hud elements
    • Autosave elements position in player local data
    • Autosave switch status in player local data
    • Autosave elements display status in player local data
    • Animated microphone while talking
    • Status and needs:
    • Player information
      Player Job
      Player Id
    • Extra
      Cinematic mode
    • Well optimized (resmon 0.01 ms – 0.04 ms)
    • Lightweight and simple design
    • Connected with fontawesome
    • Easy to configure and modify
    • Working with Onesync Infinity
  • -40% Core Hud

    Core Hud (Modern)

    ESX Scripts 14.94 Add to cart

    Cool hud with animations and oval radar display

  • -71% Nopixel v2

    NoPixel HUD v2 (+ stress system)

    ESX Scripts 10.34 Add to cart
  • -58%

    Premium Vehicle HUD

    ESX Scripts 8.04 Add to cart

    This is a nice Premium HUD for any server

  • Trew HUD UI (ESX/vRP) FREE

    Free FiveM mods 0.00 Add to cart
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