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    ESX Inventory HUD V16

    ESX Scripts $19.66

    Original FiveM ESX Inventory HUD rework

    This is the original QB-Inventory script for ESX servers:

    • Qbus design (inspired by QB-Core)
    • 99% bugs fixed
    • for ESX Framework
    • Complete rework
    • Complete transfer from Qbus to ESX
    • Many features
    • Icons / Images already included fully
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    Chezza Inventory

    ESX Scripts $21.06
    Rated 0 out of 5


    • Dynamic – refreshes for all users in the current inventory.
    • Multiple Inventories – Comes with glovebox and trunk inventories built in, you can also create other/secondary inventories with ease.
    • Item Descriptions – Apply item descriptions, to explain what the item/weapon does.
    • Player Inventories – System in place to look into a other player’s inventory, for example an officer could like into a player’s inventory to search for illegals.
    • Use, Drop & Give – Works natively from the ESX framework.
    • Splitting – You can split your items between inventories.
    • Right Click – Transfers all of the item’s content upon right clicking.
    • Configurable – You can easily toggle inventory features on & off.
    • Sound Effects – On drop and item open, sound effects will be played (these can be toggled off).
    • Money – Manage your money through the inventory.
    • Hotbar – Bind items & weapons to your hotbar for quick use.
    • Notifications – Built in notification system. (NEW)
    • Shops – Buy items from the shops. (NEW)


    • ESX Framework (version 1), however the inventory can easily be ported onto other frameworks.
    • All of the requirements for ESX (mysql-async).
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    NoPixel 3.0 Inventory

    ESX Scripts $36.51

    Important Information

    This script requires you to make changes to default ESX logic.

    If modifying scripts as noted in the readme is beyond your skillset, please avoid purchasing this script.

    This inventory does NOT sync the “xPlayer.inventory” table to the client side. Most scripts should check server side for any item validation actions, so this shouldn’t be a giant problem to work around. Take note of possible implications of this fact before purchasing, however.

    Some default ESX inventory features may have been overlooked (missing) during the creation of this inventory. Feature requests will be handled through the discord.

  • FiveM inventory -57% Add to cart Quick View

    Street Inventory

    ESX Scripts $33.70
    Rated 0 out of 5
  • Cyber Inventory -38% Add to cart Quick View

    Cyber Inventory Pro

    ESX Scripts $70.21

    The complete FiveM ESX Inventory HUD from Cyber Dev

    ► ESX Inventory HUD totally re-done in lua, without js difficulties, without dependencies. MANY BUGS FIXED

    ► Super aesthetic design, and totally designed by me, based on QBUS.

    ► Trunk and glove compartment.

    ► You can use this inventory in Properties, Stash, Shops, Closets, Mafia Houses and much more. NEW

    ► Accessories for weapons and new objects. NEW

    ► Gun dyes. NEW COLORS

    ► Configurable weight and durability system. NEW

    ► Money in inventory as an object. NEW

    ► Ultra fast click. NEW

    ► Quick and easy configuration system. NEW

    ► It also brings a tutorial file that specifies how to configure all the content of this script. NEW

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