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    QBCore Train Job

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    Basic QBCORE Train job you can configure it however you need it! by default the job is “qb-taxi” you can create a job in the shared jobs folder called train you’d just need to add that to the train job config after that restart the server and your all set!

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    QBCore Farmer Run

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    Completely open source!

    this job is easy : 

    1. Start the job
    2. Go to the tractor
    3. Get your BaleTrailer
    4. Go to the field
    5. park your BaleTrailer at the marker
    6. Grab all items
    7. Pick up your BaleTrailer
    8. Sell it

    And it’s done !

    you can start it :

    • By a ped
    • By a command
    • With a item

    Config file full configurable :

    • Vehicle
    • Trailer
    • Seller
    • Farm zones
    • Language
    • Money
    • Webhook
    • Cashout for a society
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    ESX Jobs Creator (v4.0)

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    This Job Creator script allows server administrators to easily create generic jobs with many customizable interaction points.

  • -36% Minijobs

    myMinijobs – 3 Jobs Package

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    Hey guys,

    with this topic I want to present my Minijob Bundle including three little job scripts, to let your players earn some money in their freetime apart from their normal jobs.

    The BurgerShot Job:

    -> You can deliver burger on three different routes with three different vehicles. Depending on your experience, you can get access to a better salary and better orders.

    The Gardener Job:

    -> As a gardener you take care of the Golf course. You can decide whether you want to pick weeds or mow the lawn.

    The Busdriver Job:

    -> You can select whether you want to drive a normal service bus, a coach or a Vinewood-Tours bus. Your route is also always depending on the vehicle you selected.

    Showcase Video

    The experience system:

    Every time you f.e. deliver a burger or stop at a bus stop you’ll get increase your job level. In the Config you can restrict certain vehicles and routes for specific job level then. So your player have to spend some time to gain valueable experience to access new routes. This progress is saved in the database.

    Dependencies :

    – NativeUI
    – (optional) ESX -> You can set up in the Config, whether you want to use the ESX integration. When this integration is enabled, you can earn money.

  • -38% Core Jobs

    Core Jobs

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    Compatible with OneSync, ESX 1.1, ESX 1.2, ESX , Legacy


    4 extraordinary jobs for players to explore and enjoy. Scrap miner, Treasure Hunter, Fisher, Cargo Delivery.

    You can check out the video


    • Experience  system
    • Clothing menu
    • Tasks menu
    • Vehicle menu
    • Detailed config
    • Exclusive Jobs


    • ESX


    The code is not obfuscated and nicely presented ! If you don’t like to tinker with code the config allows you to change almost everything!


    If the script doesn’t work properly or you don’t know how to set it up properly i will happily assist you (maybe even add some cool suggested features)

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    QB BeanMachine Job

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    # About
    • Optimized;
    • Many Features;
    • Full and easy customization;
    • 0.00ms.
    # Features
    • BeanMachine script with several options available;
    • 19 Juices;
    • 4 non-alcoholic drinks;
    • Billing players with targer / command;
    • Make Juices & Food.

    # Dependencies

    • qb-core / qb-input / qb-menu / qb-target
  • -59% Fishing

    FiveM Fishing script

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    Nopixel-style Fishing job

    Fisher Job

  • -45%

    Farmer Simulator Job [AlmostStandalone]

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    How to do the farmer job?:

    • Go to the the marked area on the map and change your outfit with workwear (optional) and choose a non occupied field to start the job.
    • Attach the tractor to the baletrailer and start driving to the marked field.
    • When your arrive to the field, the crops and harvester will be there. Park the tractor and get into the harvester.
    • Harvest all marked crops with harvester. Move the pile of crops on to the baletrailer and then drive the tractor to starting point which will be marked as well.
    • Park the tractor and baletrailer behind the trucks trailer. Load the pile of crops from baletrailer to the trailer.
    • When finished get in to the truck, combine it with trailer and drive it to the marked warehouse.
    • Pick up the pie of crops and deliver them to the warehouse.
    • Bring the truck back.


    • Works with Extended and QB-Core.With a few simple steps you can make it work on other frameworks.Here i will explain how to make it work on other frameworks if you can’t make it work just contact me and i will help you out.
    • As an option you can use the MenuV instead of standart menu system if you want. If you are using “Extended framework” you can also use the esx menu system as well.
    • There will be an option when the player brings back the tractor loaded with pile of crops to the farmer job center. If they want they can leave the job there and take only half of the money. If they want to finish the job properly they will receive the full money but they have to make the delivery with they truck as well.
    • If you bought the script before the update, just contact me via discord and give me the mail address you used to buy it for the link of the new updated version.
    • Update includes: MenuV can be used as an alternative. Players can leave working at the middle of the job and receive half of the money.

    What you can edit in the config file and How to integrate:

    • Most of parts in config file is editable and explained detailed. Following the screenshot of the config file will give you some ideas.
    • If you don’t want to use the MenuV, just set the ‘@menuv/menuv.lua’ as a comment line in the “fxmanifest.lua”.
    • If you are using ESX just change the PLT.UseEsxFramework set true in config.lua.
    • If you are using QB-Core just change the PLT.UseEsxFramework set false in config.lua.
    • If you are not using any of those, just search for the “shouldbeintegrated” word in all the files so you can find the codes you need to change.
    • If you are not using QB-Core or ESX here are the pictures of the places you need to change:

    Things you should know:

    • if PLT.jobRequired “true” then you need to import it into your farmer.sql database if you using esx_joblisting or compatible with it farmer job automatically will be listed on your business center. If you are using a different business center script, you should integrate it .if PLT.jobRequired false then you don’t need to do anything and everyone will be able to start the job.
    • Script creates bales, crops, harvester, tractor, bale trailer, truck and truck trailer at certain stages of the job. if you move 400 distance away from these objects. The information of these entities is deleted on the player side and kept on the server side. When you approach, it is transferred to the player side with new information. Because the information has changed, the script cannot process those objects. Therefore, when the player is 350 distance away from the objects, it starts giving an error message to the player. If it exceeds 375, it deletes all entities and cancels the profession.
    • When player crashed or get out of the game somehow, spawned objects stays on the server. This is how i solved this situation: those who do work are saved on the server side. If she/he leaves the server without finishing her job, using fivem natives deletes all the objects that player created with this script. As a result if the player on job and disconnected, automatically all objects are deleted and the worked field becomes reusable.
    • There are 7 fields in total and 7 players can work at the same time. When you arrive the truck delivery step, this field will be reusable by other players. This way there won’t be any queue or if there is any queue the waiting time will be shortened.
    • The harvester is and old shared work on the web and its replaced with “tractor3” also the original “baletrailer” is replaced after i deleted the bales on it.
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    [ESX] Bus Job Advanced

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    Cool BUS job to enchance your roleplay experience in city, highly customizable and user friendly code!

  • -20% Mikel

    MikelCoffe Job + MLO MikelCoffe

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    Mikel coffee MLO + script

  • -18% FiveM Car Dealership

    Extended Dealership Simulation (ESX/QB/vRP)

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    – This script allows you to buy any dealership in your city; – By default, it comes configured 4 dealerships (bikes, off-road, normal cars, super cars), containing all GTA V vehicles (400+ vehicles); – You can easily add or remove any dealer, or any vehicle there; – Each dealership in the city can have a different owner, so you can set up infinite buyable locations; – Extremely configurable script, all values ​​can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file; – Well optimized and without bugs; A Dealership owner can: – Import vehicles to stock your own dealership; – Export vehicles to sell the unsold vehicles from stock; – See the full list of vehicles available on this dealership; – Set a custom price for each vehicle; – See custom requests: 1. Buy used vehicles request: When customer wants to sell his vehicle to dealership, the customer set a custom price and the owner can accept or decline pay this price to buy the vehicle; 2. Import vehicles request: When customer wants to import a vehicle when the stock is 0, the customer set a custom price and the owner can accept or decline receive this money import the vehicle; – See a bank page, there has some graphs with useful information about your finances; – Hire real players to work in his dealership, the employees can do the import/export jobs and can accept/decline requests; An Employee can: – Use boss money to fulfill dealership requests; – Do delivery runs for the boss to stock the dealership; – Export old stock onto a tow-able trailer, to AI – to make little profit on unbought cars; A Customer can: – Buy vehicles (when has stock); – Pay a custom price to import a vehicle when stock is 0; – Preview vehicles in spots around the dealership, but the car is not stealable; – Start a test-drive or buy the previewed vehicle; – Sell his used vehicle for a % (when there is no owner in this dealership); – Create a sell request for a custom price (when the dealership is owned by someone); – Vehicles are categorized and easy to see, and has a filter to easily find the vehicles;

  • -37% Cat coffee

    uWu Cat Coffee Job (QB)

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    Here is my QBCore CatCafe Job Script, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it! What is this? QBCore based CatCafe Job script, it was requested a couple of times and I had to make it! Features?

    • Support for Gabz CatCafe MLO
    • A Total of 23 qb-target enabled locations
    • A total of 19 cats added, these can be changed / added fairly easily
      • Petting the cats relieves stress and heals for 2hp (can be edited in config)
    • A total of 46 qb-target enabled chair locations
    • All menus are built in qb-menu
    • All trays on the counters are stashes so you can use them to pass food
      • 38 new items
      • 8 new drinks
      • 1 new alcoholic drink
      • 21 New Foods
    • Payment system built in
      • Successful payments go straight to CatCafe’s society account accessible through the bossmenu
    • Clock-in System so that if people go too far from the shops, they are automatically clocked out
      • This stops abuse of clocking in, and getting pay tickets while not in the area
      • Every successful payment gives everyone with the job, and who is on duty, a receipt that can be cashed in at the pacific bank only by employee’s
      • Food can’t be accessed and payments can’t be made by employee if not clocked in


  • -42% FiveM Mechanic Job

    Mechanic Job (QBCore)

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    What is this?

    QBCore based Mechanic Job script (Framework: QBUS/QBCoreNOT ESX)
    It’s goal is to be an RP based replacement for the standard “Sit in car, press button, car fixed” options that are already available.
    A lot of the menu’s I’ve seen make a new system for each part that requires databases (sql scares me)
    So I built one as natively as I could that uses the systems already available

  • -11% FiveM Burger Shot

    BurgerShot Job (qbCore)

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    Framework: QBCore (not ESX)


    • Duty System
    • You can only work with clean hands.
    • You will feel like you are a Burger King employee in real life.
  • -33% FiveM Documents

    Document Robbery Job

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    It’s a new robbery that players can steal documents from offices then sell them to Pawn Shop (Illegal ESX Job)

    you can choose security jobs between police and sheriff for each office in order to get the alarm to defend the place

    after robbery is finished police or sheriff can see how many documents have been stolen to take them back if they arrested the robber. In heavy RP servers we cannot just take everything from robber ! because we need proof right ? in order to do that police will go to the location and can see the stolen amount.


    • you can add as many offices as you want to make that office becomes a robbery place
    • police and sheriff are the security jobs that you can choose for each office you add
    • alarm will trigger to the security job that you have set for each office
    • security jobs can end the robbery at the marker of the robbery
    • pawnshop included
    • you can add more items in pawnshop and set the prices too
    • fully optimized 0.01 ms in idle and 0.02 ms when you near the markers
    • full open source you can edit every part
    • included guidance, sql, image and customized progressBar
  • -16% Delivery Job

    FiveM Delivery Job (ESX)

    ESX Scripts $30.10
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    This plugin adds locations in-game for each configured location in the config, at these locations players can start delivering items. When they start the job they will receive a random pick-up location which needs to be delivered at a random drop-off location. All of these locations can be configured for each job individually.
    The location will be marked on the map and a route towards it will be highlighted, the colour of these blips and route will use the same colour that is used by the start location.
    When collecting the items there is a random chance that players receive more than 1 item. This chance can also be configured for each job individually.

    When the players have delivered the items they will receive a reward. This reward can be configured, and the reward type can be configured individually for each company. You can set it so that the company also receives a percentage of the reward in their add-on account.

    The jobs can be cancelled at any time by signing out.


    • There is an option in the config which makes the script compatible with older versions of ESX. (item limit based)
    • There is also a separate SQL file with item limits instead of weights.
    • Delivery items come in your inventory.
    • All chances are configurable through the config file.
    • Reward for the jobs can be changed in the config file.
    • Locations can easily be added or changed in the config. You can add multiple start locations, an item, the society account and the needed job to it with ease.
    • SQL files have been provided to work with the default configuration.
    • All blip names, colours, sprites and scales can be changed in the config.
    • The start, pick-up and drop-off locations for each job can easily be changed in the config file.
    • Notification type can be changed in the config.


    This version of the script is made for ESX / EXM

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