• -26% mechanic

    Huge Super Mechanic

    FiveM MLO 33.32
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    Map Size: 37mb

    All this mod doesn’t have any Warning on console, Lights, Models, has been revised for don’t consume so much FPS! 🙂

    You can customize:

    • You can change the Sportrace name.
    • You can put your logo on the ground.
  • -58%

    Boosting System V2 & Mechanic Parts System [Standalone]

    ESX Scripts 19.52
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    Framework: QBCORE Features:

     Vin Scratch
     Normal dropoff
     Bennys Parts
     Custom wallpaper

  • -17% East Customs

    East Customs Garage MLO [Car Workshop, Tuner Shop]

    FiveM MLO 28.72 Add to cart

    This interior is based for Car Customizations

    This model has 2 Rooms in Main Building and  several areas for vehicle customizations

    Main Building:

    – 4 Bodyshop Areas, 2 Paint Booth, 1 Wheels / Tyres Area,  1 Office with Meeting Room,  1 Lounge Area, 1 Reception

    – Max capacity 18 Cars


    – Car Wash, Park for 8 cars

  • -69% FiveM Mechanicjob

    T1ger Mechanic Job

    ESX Scripts 39.06
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    Mechanic Job for FiveM

    A custom and unique mechanic job script. Offers full interaction & immersion when roleplaying as a mechanic – tons of features to play with!

    Hire employees, have new mechanic job featurers for ESX!

  • -55% FiveM Mechanic Tablet

    Mechanic Tablet

    ESX Scripts 27.57
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    – ALL JOBS: View all jobs that has been made.
    Full details shown (customers name, billed amount, plate, modifications, note and the mechanic)

    – DATABASE: Search for any player owned vehicles, and perform mechanical modifications to it.
    (Brakes, Transmission, Suspension, Engine and Turbo)

    – NEW JOB: When performing a upgrade to the vehicle you’re sitting in and has been selected, you can choose whatever upgrades that you would like to perform.
    Enter the desired bill amount and a note.

    – AVAILABLE MODIFICATIONS: Check all available modifications, and a recommended price. These are for the mechanics to have an idea of what they should charge each customer.

    – esx legacy
    – mythic_notify
    – mysql-async

  • -57% LS Customs V5

    Los Santos Customs V5

    FiveM MLO 44.80 Add to cart

    Doorlock coordinates included!

    Versions included: Red, black&white, standard

    Los Santos Customs MLO Map

  • -38% Towing

    Dynamic Towing Job

    ESX Scripts 19.52 Add to cart

    Simple and effective Tow job script. I made it for my own server but decided to release a few of my personal scripts. This one is one of my favorites. To sign in as a tow driver you must go to the tow yard(configurable), and sign in using the /startjob command. Once you are on duty you can tow any vehicle around the city and bring them back to the tow yard for a reward once you detach it. To prevent people from only towing close vehicles, the pay is based off how far you pickup the vehicle from, also, players must sign in at the Tow Yard every hour, with notifications at halfway point. The script includes smoothly towing and detaching vehicles, also requires same pre reqs as my other script as seen below. It is an easy plug and play if you use ESX. Otherwise modification will need to be made for your framework.

    /startjob tow — to sign in
    /signout — to signout
    /tow –attach/detach(while on duty only)

  • -64% JDM Dealership

    JDM Dealership

    FiveM MLO 51.69 Add to cart

    JDM Dealership for FiveM

  • -55% LS Custom Map

    LS Customs Remodel | Custom Logo [MLO]

    FiveM MLO 22.96 Add to cart
  • -60% FiveM Repair kit

    Nice Repair Kit

    ESX Scripts 11.49 Add to cart
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