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    Yoga-Script (QBCore)

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    Yoga Script For QBCore

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  • -29% Fight Club

    Fight Club (Cage Fight)

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    This script is a cage fight challenge, you vs 6 people. It costs $2500 to play and if you finish them all then you’ll win $10k.

    Each opponent is stronger and has more health. The player has a stamina bar that goes down when punching, kicking, or dodging. If the bar is empty then you can’t do any of these actions and you need to wait for it to regenerate.

    This resource can be used with any framework. (ESX/QB/Standalone) And the price to play and the winning money is easily configurable.

    Buy this resource today!

  • -73%

    NoPixel Ski Board System

    FiveM Mods $5.06
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    Ski on snow!

    Little minigame, it’s fun! Everything included.

  • -47% Minigolf

    FiveM Minigolf

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    Script + map (You do not need to buy seperately)

    You can in the script:
    – choose the language FR or EN – change the maximum number of moves
    – Whether you want the rent to be paid or not
    – Whether you want to use ESX or not

    You will find in the zip:
    – A script for FIVEM
    – A minigolf mapping
    – An explanatory file for the installation

  • -42% Pool Billiard

    rcore Pool Billiard Minigame

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    FiveM Pool Billiard Minigame

    • Works on every server (esx/vrp/anything)
    • Straight pool or 8 ball
    • All pool tables anywhere work
    • Anyone can play
    • Fully multiplayer synced
    • Full sound support – balls colliding, balls being pocketed, balls bouncing off of cushions
    • Uses WarMenu (included), but you can easily use your own menu system
  • -23% Mega Gun

    Car Mega Gun (MLO+Script Minigame)

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    Grab a car, get in the mega gun, and fly to the moon. Map + script included


    • Spin the giant bottle ?;
    • Shoot vehicles with Mega Gun ?;
    • Control Mega Gun via remote panel ?️;
    • Toggle smoke for vehicles with 8 colors ?;
    • Land on special track with distance indicators ?️;
  • -21% FiveM Football

    Football / Soccer (Minigame)

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    FiveM Football/Soccer Minigame

    When he goes to the NPC named Richard, if the match is not being played and the carpet field is not used, he can rent the football field by pressing the “E” key. As many outside players can participate or as many spectators as they want. Scoreboard and match time will be displayed synchronously for both spectators and players. The movements of the ball and the players are server-side. Thanks to this, it works completely synchronously. Only minimal data is processed on the server side. This means that even if you have the worst server in the world, your server will never slow down. The resource places very little load on both the client side and the server side. The player can pass with the “Q” key, shoot with the “E” key, Cross Pass with the “Z” key, and rainbow feint with the “G” key. Hit forces and dynamics can be changed as you wish from the config file. After the match lasting 15 minutes, the scoreboard and time are reset. The ball disappears and the field becomes available for lease again.

    REQ: Install Polyzone for the script!

    START GAME WITH /futbol


    • Fully Synchronized
    • Works With FiveM Infinity
    • Fully Optimized Serverside (Can works seamless at toast machine)
    • Fully Optimized Clientside (Can works seamless at toast machine)
    • Spectators Can See Scoreboard and Time
    • A Player can always join the Match.
  • -37% NoPixel Bowling

    NoPixel 3.0 Bowling Script

    ESX Scripts $27.80
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    Works with: Standalone, ESX, QBUS

    NoPixel 3.0 Bowling. Original inspired script by Nopixel.

    All frameworks and 100% optimized

  • -38% FiveM Paintball

    NoPixel 3.0 Paintball Minigame (+ MLO)

    ESX Scripts $31.59
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    NoPixel 3.0 Paintball Minigame

    Framework: ESX + QBUS

    Video preview down below ✔

  • -64% FiveM Basketball

    FiveM Basketball (Script + Map)

    ESX Scripts $18.96
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    Fivem gta 5 server basketball (+mlo) with basketball script

    Ever wanted to play basketball with your friends/players/roleplayers? Well, you can now!!!

    Works with standalone and ESX

  • -48% Among Us

    Among Us for FiveM

    ESX Scripts $37.91
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    Controls for Among Us

    • X – To host a game
    • E – To join a game
    • IMPOSTOR E – Kill
    • G – Report
    • X – Exit Game
    • ⇩ – Meeting
    • ⇧ – Use
    • ⇨ – Vent
    • ⇦ – Sabotage

    Framework Integration – vRP / ESX / Others

  • -31% Golf

    FiveM Golf Minigame

    ESX Scripts $18.96 Add to cart

    Standalone or ESX

    I recommend this script for server community events, where there are organizers, and they lead the players where to put the ball, and which flag need to hit, etc. (Or just for fun.)

    You need to know

    • You can only select your own ball and you can only spawn one ball at a time. (Spawning the ball again with the command, deletes the existed one)
    • This is not a tryhard competitive script, so there is no auto calculator who won the game or any other.
    • The script includes two versions, one for ESX and one is fully standalone where you spawn the ball with command. (Spawning the ball is just one server side event, you can easily make it work with any framework)
    • There is a bug which i could not fix, when you hit the ball and land it, after the ball landed, it has different rotations and when you select the ball again and you reset the ball rotation to 0,0,0 and attach the player, the networked nearby players see you sometimes weirdly rotated around the ball. (If anyone know the solution for that, i would be grateful)

    Things you can edit in the config

    • Enable/Disable the wind force. (makes ball move differently)
    • Enable/Disable the tree leave hits. (it stops the ball movement)
    • Club strengths. (Though, i do not recommend modify the default values)
    • Ground slowing speed
    • Player rotate speeds
    • Keybinds (scaleform button ones, because they are reactive for the changes)
    • Leaderboard enable/disable & command, and how many players shown on the board. (Default 10)
    • You can enable/disable the need of the default gta weapon_club if you want, it wont stuck your script, but because we are using attached clubs when aiming with the ball, the script removes the weapon from the hand when you are interacting. (Default is disabled)

    Features and thingies

    • Four ball types (White, Yellow, Green, Pink)
    • Distance calculator (compared to the selected flag, and the current hitted distance)
    • Leaderboard system with MySQL save, which records the longest hit from the player.
    • Different material forces with sound & particle effects.
    • Terraingrid (if you want to check slopes or uphills)
    • Few camera setups (for checking the selected flag, etc.)
    • Wind direction and Wind speed modify the ball movement. (Default is disabled, with the wind i could not hit a thing. :smiley: )
      There is also a marker which shows the current Wind movement and strength. (The marker color changes how strong the wind is, i used heatmap, so strong wind is red, and how the wind reduces it goes bluer.)


    • ESX v1 final (If you are using the esx version)
    • MySQL (If you want the leaderboard)
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