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    Dream Miner (ESX/QB)

    ESX Scripts $23.87
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    Package Description

    Compatible with OneSync, ESX , QBCore

    Working as a miner, have you always dreamed of digging raw 
    materials with heavy equipment? This job is perfect for 
    your server. Custom pickaxe and rock breaking sounds. 
    There are several types of pickaxes at work, you decide 
    whether you want to upgrade it to get benefits such as:
    → Another extraction site
    → Other resources that may appear
    There is also an experience system thanks to which you get 
    bonuses when you reach a level:
    → Faster digging
    → Increased resource drop
    Config is easy to use, it is easy to change: 
    salaries, levels, bonuses per level and other.
    You can check out the video
    • Optimized script
    • Open code
    • No IP-Lock
    • Record of experience in the database
    • Easy possibility to add more levels
    • Easy possibility to add more pickaxe
    • Synchronized to the work of many people


  • T1ger Miner Job

    ESX Scripts $18.25
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