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    Forest Mansion MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $22.61
    Rated 0 out of 5

    The Forest Mansion map is an incredibly detailed and immersive virtual world set in a sprawling mansion in the heart of a dense forest. This map features a massive mansion with numerous rooms and hidden passageways, along with an expansive outdoor area that includes a beautifully view!

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    City Hall MLO Fluroine

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $47.74

    Cityhall building according to the customer’s specifications. It is possible to create individual interiors for RAGE/ 5M/AltV. The building is made of 10 locations optimized for the game. – a hall with a performance area, a secretariat, a security room, lifts on each floor (with the CORRECT floor indication), recreation areas – 2 toilets: male and female – 6 free premises – meeting room – the governor’s office with a private lounge and a secret room with a personal lift there is also MLO parking under the building. External building mapping features server

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    Blaine County Administrative Building

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $47.74

    Let’s go through the RP and imagine the situation. It’s 2022, the San Andreas government has been planning for a very long time to improve the country side, Blaine County. And finally they decided to allocate a huge amount of money, having previously hired an architect to improve and rebuild the town of Sandy Shores.

    Here we have: -Fully changed exterior; -New building; -Building with 3 LOD; -Parking with 12 places; Interior 1 floor -Lobby – reception; -Blaine Beauty Cafe; -Admin room; -Staff room; -Court room; -Waiting room; -2 wc; 2 floor -BC Sheriff Office; -BC Head Doctor Office; -BC Major Office; -Meeting room.

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    Ballas Club Underground MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $29.49

    Secret ballas club in the middle of groove street, enchance your city roleplay experience!

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    Fight Club Secret Gym MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $26.68

    Unique secret GYM location inspired by one of most iconic movies ‘Fight Club’
    Enchance your roleplay experience!

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    Group 6 MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $30.89

    Gruppe 6 Interior

    • MLO designed
    • tested and verified
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    NoPixel Harmony MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $28.56

    ENJOY A NEW VERSION OF HARMONY REPAIR! Reworked interior and exterior layouts Brand new textures and props Extra vegetation Spray booth removal Better lighting

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    East Customs Garage MLO [Car Workshop, Tuner Shop]

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $35.11

    This interior is based for Car Customizations

    This model has 2 Rooms in Main Building and  several areas for vehicle customizations

    Main Building:

    – 4 Bodyshop Areas, 2 Paint Booth, 1 Wheels / Tyres Area,  1 Office with Meeting Room,  1 Lounge Area, 1 Reception

    – Max capacity 18 Cars


    – Car Wash, Park for 8 cars

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    St Fiacre Hospital MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $23.87

    Get the FiveM St Fiacre Hospital MLO

    With many rooms for Ambulance Roleplay

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    Shopping Center MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $35.11

    This MLO supports FiveM, AltV and RageMP 1.1

    FiveM Shopping Center MLO

    Scroll down for preview

  • FiveM Showroom -53% Add to cart Quick View

    Vinewood Car Showroom

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $32.30

    The Car Showroom Vinewood FiveM

    Present your favorite cars and create/open a luxury shop for your FiveM roleplay server

  • LSFD -51% Add to cart Quick View

    Pillbox Fire Department MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $26.68

    Great interior in the heart of Los Santos near the pillbox hospital.

    Fire department map for FiveM

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