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    NoPixel 3.5 Server Files Base (QBCore)

    FiveM server templates $196.35

    Full NoPixel server files

    NoPixel 3.5 Full server | NoPixel 3.0 Full server | NoPixel 3.0 | NoPixel 3.5 | Nopixel source | NoPixel server Files

    60 days Premium Support included

    Once you purchased, you will receive a download link of the full fivem nopixel server files via mail

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    EthicalRP Server (NoPixel 3.0 inspired)

    FiveM server templates $182.53


    This server is a NoPixel 3.0 inspired base, purple design

    -> All NoPixel 3.0 scripts, maps and cars

    Scroll down to see the full feature list


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    QBCore Framework NoPixel 3.0 Server (Qbus “V4”)

    FiveM server templates $207.89

    We release, based on a genuine quality build framework called QBCore.
    Our new V4 is based on NoPixel 3.0 with more advanced RP Features.

    This server is NOT on ESX – its on QBUS!

    So What We Have On Our New Base. Let’s See in the video. Also, I mistakenly didn’t take some new missions. So We will write it here.

    This is a very optimized server and well equipped with the newest features! 120+ fps guaranteed.

    If you are convinced that this is the best investment for your server please go ahead and place your order. We handle it with care and speed! Also, join our discord for any questions.

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