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    2NA Car Control

    FiveM Mods $24.63
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    Control your vehicles parts (doors, hood, trunk)

    Control your vehicles engine/lights/etc.

    Listen to music with your friends synchronically from YouTube

    Park camera system to make your parking easier

    Mileage system that tracks your vehicle’s miles (Can be disabled from config)

  • -25%

    NoPixel 3.5 Inspired VIP Package V4

    FiveM server templates $177.31 Add to cart


    The package contains maps, vehicles, peds, outfits and all songs files. All scripts on the server are currently nopixel (inspired) scripts. After purchasing the package, you benefit from the support.

    Any questions? Let us know via e-mail @ [email protected]

    Uses the Original NoPixel 3.5 Framework

    400+ Real scripts are used in its content. There are 400+ resources. There are all current affairs and heists found in NoPixel. The server has been tested many times by the team and there are no bugs. This server is much more advanced than other packages and is defined as the closest package to the current version of nopixel. That’s why its price is higher than others.

    Please check your Emails after purchasing this package

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    NP inspired ATM robbery [UPDATED]

    ESX Scripts $18.96
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     Full server sided
     Full editable config
     Attaching rope to car
     Attach rope to atm
     Progress bar
     Pull out atm and drive where you want and search it
     Police dispatch
     Police check


     Progress bar (included)
     PolyZone 13
     Qtarget 20
     Atm props (included)

  • -59% EchoRP

    [QBCore] EchoRP Server Files

    FiveM Mods $171.90 Add to cart
    • QBCore Server base
    • NoPixel 3.5 style
    • Bike pick script
    • Hunting
    • Many jobs
    • Pet system (buy pets)
    • NoPixel-style stancer
    • Original NoPixel robbery script
    • much, much more!
  • -41%

    NoPixel 3.0 Dispatch (ESX)

    ESX Scripts $21.48
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    Dispatch script, in style of NoPixel 3.0

    For ESX Framework

  • -58% QBCore NoPixel

    NoPixel 3.5 Server Files Base (QBCore)

    FiveM server templates $176.72 Add to cart

    Full NoPixel server files

    NoPixel 3.5 Full server | NoPixel 3.0 Full server | NoPixel 3.0 | NoPixel 3.5 | Nopixel source | NoPixel server Files

    60 days Premium Support included

    Once you purchased, you will receive a download link of the full fivem nopixel server files via mail

  • -36% Nopixel server

    EthicalRP Server (NoPixel 3.0 inspired)

    FiveM server templates $152.32 Add to cart


    This server is a NoPixel 3.0 inspired base, purple design

    -> All NoPixel 3.0 scripts, maps and cars

    Scroll down to see the full feature list



    • New coke, weed and meth
    • New housing shells.​
    • New bank system
    • Continuesly cycling PDM vehicles.
    • Alot of new Citizen jobs.​
    • Third Eye system
    • New PD system​
    • Police evidence cases​
    • New Admin menu​
    • New Garage system​
    • New Phone with better apps.
    • Low on cpu usage and Resmon (optimized)
    • New Meos system​
    • Skill system​
    • New Spawn NUI​
    • New Character Selection Menu​
    • Synced Player Jobs
    • Human Lab Robbery
    • A New Robbery Heist for your players!​
    • New Jewellery Robbery
    • New vehicle selling in your phone!
    • Services page updated.
    • Police Impound Menu
    • New Garage UI
    • Revamped Mechanic job
    • Racing App in Phone.
    • Taxi Job back and better then ever!
    • Pizza delivery job
    • Burgershot synced workplace
    • Boss Menu’s
  • -68% NP3 Spawn

    NoPixel 3.0 Spawn (ESX)

    ESX Scripts $21.48 Add to cart

    ## Dependencies (all included!)
    peds (Read Peds)
    raid_clothes (Real 3.0)
    spawnstation (Real Maps)
    storage (Real 3.0)

    ## Must Use Mine es_extended
    es_extended v1final

    1. Run the SQL!

    This is NoPixel 3.0 Spawn style for ESX

  • -63% Nopixel Vehicleshop

    NoPixel v3 Showroom Vehicle Shop (ESX/QB)

    ESX Scripts $42.97 Add to cart

    Map + Script

    for ESX + QBCore.

  • -75% Rooster

    NoPixel Rooster Rest / Crime School

    FiveM MLO $12.64 Add to cart

    Rooster Rest / Crime School from NoPixel

  • -65% Mount Zonah

    Mount Zonah Hospital

    FiveM MLO $35.39 Add to cart
  • -38% NoPixel Viceroy

    NoPixel ViceRoy Hospital

    FiveM MLO $31.59 Add to cart

    NoPixel ViceRoy Hospital map.

    From NoPixel 3.0. The Pillbox Hospital (blue) is also included.

  • -70%

    Police Badge (Nopixel-inspired)

    ESX Scripts $3.80 Add to cart

    Features of the Badge Flash script


    • Easy configuration
    • Item use or command use in config
    • Include .PSD file
    • Include prop model
  • -63% t1ger drugs

    Nopixel Drugs (t1ger drugs)

    ESX Scripts $53.07 Add to cart
  • -60% nopixel clothing menu

    NoPixel Clothing Menu

    ESX Scripts $16.62 Add to cart
  • -40% Nopixel kashacters

    ESX Multicharacter (NoPixel style)

    ESX Scripts $17.70 Add to cart

    ESX Multicharacter / Kashacters Nopixel style

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