NP 3.0

  • -36% Nopixel server

    EthicalRP Server (NoPixel 3.0 inspired)

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    This server is a NoPixel 3.0 inspired base, purple design

    -> All NoPixel 3.0 scripts, maps and cars

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    • New coke, weed and meth
    • New housing shells.​
    • New bank system
    • Continuesly cycling PDM vehicles.
    • Alot of new Citizen jobs.​
    • Third Eye system
    • New PD system​
    • Police evidence cases​
    • New Admin menu​
    • New Garage system​
    • New Phone with better apps.
    • Low on cpu usage and Resmon (optimized)
    • New Meos system​
    • Skill system​
    • New Spawn NUI​
    • New Character Selection Menu​
    • Synced Player Jobs
    • Human Lab Robbery
    • A New Robbery Heist for your players!​
    • New Jewellery Robbery
    • New vehicle selling in your phone!
    • Services page updated.
    • Police Impound Menu
    • New Garage UI
    • Revamped Mechanic job
    • Racing App in Phone.
    • Taxi Job back and better then ever!
    • Pizza delivery job
    • Burgershot synced workplace
    • Boss Menu’s
  • -19% Tunershop

    NoPixel v3 Tuner Shop MLO

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    The tuner shop by Nopixel 3.0 – have fun!

    Map only.

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