• -56% okok requests


    FiveM Mods 4.60
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    Set the:

    • Title;
    • Message;
    • Time.

    GUIDE down below!


  • -20% FiveM Marketplace


    ESX Scripts 22.96
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    This is a Marketplace System with a beautiful and user-friendly interface that allows your players to trade their items safely and easier.

    [How it works]


    • There are¬†3 types of markets:
      • Vehicles Market;
      • Items Market;
      • Black Market.
    • On each market you can¬†search,¬†sort¬†and¬†place advertisements;
    • You can sort the items from the¬†Newest to the Oldest, from the¬†Lowest Price¬†and from the¬†Highest Price;
    • You can search for any¬†item/vehicle name;
    • You can refresh the different pages;
    • You can view the¬†Seller info¬†such as¬†their name,¬†phone number¬†and the¬†product description;
    • After placing an advertisement you can¬†Cancel¬†or¬†Claim it¬†(after being sold);
    • The¬†Black Market¬†can only be¬†accessed by jobs/societies and grades¬†setted on the config file;
    • On the¬†Black Market¬†you can¬†sell Weapons and Items¬†(setted on the config file);
    • To¬†sell a vehicle¬†it needs to be¬†in your garage¬†(you can‚Äôt sell impounded vehicles);
    • It includes¬†Discord logs¬†such as:
      • Place Ad;
      • Buy Item;
      • Claim Ad;
      • Cancel Ad.

    In the config file you are able to set:

    • If you want to¬†open the Marketplace menu¬†through a¬†blip¬†or through a¬†command;
    • The¬†command¬†that opens the menu (if you‚Äôre not using blips);
    • If you want to use¬†okokTextUI¬†70;
    • If you want to show the blips on the map;
    • The blips coordinates;
    • The¬†allowed jobs/societies¬†that can access the¬†Black Market;
    • If you want to¬†use¬†only dirty money¬†on the¬†Black Market;
    • A¬†items blacklist¬†for the¬†Items Market (for example: if you only want weapons/illegal items to be sold on the Black Market);
    • A¬†vehicles blacklist¬†(to block some vehicles from being sold on the Vehicles Market).

    okokNotify 63 is not included.
    okokTextUI 70 is not included.


    This script is fully optimized.

    • Idle: 0.00-0.02ms;
    • Near a blip: 0.03ms.
  • -52% okok talktonpc

    okok TalkToNPC

    ESX Scripts 10.34
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    • The camera is¬†automatically positioned¬†and¬†rotated according to the NPC‚Äôs position¬†and¬†rotation¬†(basically you just need to set the NPC‚Äôs coordinate and heading);
    • You can set up to¬†6 options/actions¬†(it is possible and easy to add more¬†if you want, just send me a message);
    • The¬†okokTextUI¬†script can be disabled by simply setting Config.OkokTextUI = false on the config file;
    • The¬†animation time can be easily changed¬†on the config file;
    • The¬†minimap is hidden by default¬†when interacting with an NPC (possible to disable it on the config file).

    In the config file you are able to set:

    • The¬†NPC you want to spawn;
    • The¬†NPC name¬†(that appears on the top of the interface);
    • The¬†NPC‚Äôs dialog message;
    • The¬†NPC coordinates¬†and¬†rotation;
    • The¬†interaction range¬†(how close you have to be to interact with them);
    • The¬†options displayed on the interface¬†and¬†which event they trigger;
    • The¬†jobs allowed to interact with the NPC¬†(possible to have no jobs, just leave it empty).


    This script is fully optimized.

    Tested with 350 NPC’s:

    • Idle: 0.03-0.04ms;
    • Near an NPC: 0.07 ‚Äď 0.12ms.
  • -33% Contract ESX


    ESX Scripts 15.97 Add to cart


    This is a interactive vehicle purchase and sale system with a beautiful and user-friendly interface.

    [How it works]

    In the config file you are able to set:

    • If you want to remove the ‚Äėcontract‚Äô item from the player‚Äôs inventory after use;
    • If you want to directly transfer the money from the buyer‚Äôs account to the seller‚Äôs bank account when the buyer signs the contract.

    Additional informations:

    • When a player uses the item, a window opens, letting him set the vehicle price and its description on the contract window;
    • The seller needs to be near another player and a vehicle in order to start the contract sign process;
    • The player has to own the vehicle in order to sell it;
    • When the player has the contract window opened, its character will display a animation and when the window is closed, it will stop it;
    • It verifies if the buyer has enough money to buy the vehicle.

    It includes Discord logs such as:

    • When a player sells a vehicle to another player.

    It comes with a complete tutorial on how to use it.

    Notifications not included.

  • -45% okokBanking


    ESX Scripts 25.27 Add to cart


    This is a Banking System with a beautiful and user-friendly interface that, once again, will please the eyes of your players.

    [How it works]


    • You can transfer money to a player even if he is offline;
    • Once you open the menu for the first time¬†it will automatically generate your IBAN;
    • You won‚Äôt need to manually add all the societies to your database,¬†you simply need to¬†add them to the config file, and once someone from that society opens the Bank menu it will automatically add it to the database;
    • When you make a transaction (deposit, withdraw, transfer – whether when you send or receive) it will¬†automatically update the graphic and the transactions table;
    • You can add any type of transactions to the bank¬†(for example the salary, you can find a detailed explanation on how to add it on the README file);
    • You can create custom IBANs¬†(on the Settings page),¬†set its price,¬†max length¬†and if¬†it can have letters or only numbers.
    • The first time you open the Bank menu you won‚Äôt have a PIN code, so, to set it you need to go to a bank (banks don‚Äôt require you to insert the PIN, only ATMs do) and set it up on the¬†Settings¬†tab;
    • The user image on the top right¬†will change depending on your character gender¬†(male/female).

    In the config file you are able to set:

    • If you want to use¬†okokTextUI¬†37;
    • The automatic¬†IBAN prefix;
    • How¬†many characters the IBAN has¬†by default;
    • How¬†many characters the IBAN can have when changing it¬†to a custom one (Settings¬†tab);
    • If the¬†custom IBAN can have letters or only numbers¬†(Settings¬†tab);
    • How much it¬†costs to change the IBAN¬†to a custom one (Settings¬†tab);
    • How much it¬†costs to change the PIN¬†(Settings¬†tab);
    • The ATM animation time;
    • The¬†allowed societies to have a bank account;
    • The¬†society ranks that can access the society bank account;
    • Whether if you want to¬†activate the Bank blips or not.

    okokNotify 15 is not included.
    okokTextUI 37 is not included.

  • -35% FiveM Report script


    FiveM Standalone Scripts 17.22 Add to cart


    This is a script with a beautiful interface that allows you to make reports/feedbacks through a command.

    [How it works]

    Basically when you type ‘/report‘ a nice menu pops up, it allows you to send different types of feedbacks such as a¬†player report, a¬†general question¬†or to¬†report a bug¬†to the server admins.

    To assist the feedbacks players make, admins should type ‘/reports‘, which will open a list of the pendent feedbacks, once you select a feedback it will open a window with all the information of that feedback, such as the¬†category¬†(player report, question, bug), the¬†subject¬†and the¬†explanation¬†of the issue.

    You are able to set a feedback cooldown to prevent players from spamming feedbacks.

    It includes Discord logs such as: when a feedback is created, when an admin assists the feedback and when an admin concludes it.



    Config.FeedbackClientCommand = ‘report’ — The command that the players use to report something

    Config.FeedbackAdminCommand = ‘reports’ — The command that the admins use to check the pendent feedbacks list

    Config.FeedbackCooldown = 10 — Time in minutes

    ————————–¬†ADMIN PERMISSIONS

    Config.ESX = false — Set this to true if you use ESX

    — If you use ESX you don’t need to add any identifier to Config.AdminList because it checks if you have permission by your player group (superadmin, admin, mod)

    — Types of identifiers: steam: | license: | xbl: | live: | discord: | fivem: | ip:

    Config.AdminList = {

    ‘license:2ash123ad1337a15029a21a6s4e3622f91cde1d0’, — Example, change this

    ‘discord:370910283901283929’ — Example, change this


    ————————–¬†DISCORD LOGS

    — To set your Discord Webhook URL go to server.lua, line 13

    Config.BotName = ‘ServerName’ — Write the desired bot name

    Config.ServerName = ‘ServerName’ — Write your server’s name

    Config.IconURL = ” — Insert your desired image link

    Config.DateFormat = ‘%d/%m/%Y [%X]’ — To change the date format check this website – https://www.lua.org/pil/22.1.html

    — To change a webhook color you need to set the decimal value of a color, you can use this website to do that – https://www.mathsisfun.com/hexadecimal-decimal-colors.html

    Config.NewFeedbackWebhookColor = ‘65352’

    Config.AssistFeedbackWebhookColor = ‘16127’

    Config.ConcludeFeedbackWebhookColor = ‘16711680’


    Idle: 0.00-0.01ms

    When executing any event: 0.00-0.01ms

    • Easy to use
    • Easy to install
    • No IP lock
    • Source code
    • Fully customizable
  • -35% ESX RP Chat


    ESX Scripts 17.23 Add to cart

    This is a beautiful chat system that will please the eyes of your players.


  • -34% Invoice


    ESX Scripts 21.83 Add to cart

    This is a complete billing system with a beautiful and user-friendly interface.

    [How it works]

    When you type ‚Äė/invoices‚Äô a menu pops up, allowing you to¬†see your invoices,¬†your society invoices¬†and¬†send a invoice to a player.

    In the config file you are able to set:

    • The command that allows players to open the billing menu;
    • The VAT % of the invoices (visual only, it won‚Äôt influence the final invoice value);
    • If you want to have a deadline for players to pay their invoices;
    • How many days players have to pay their invoices if the deadline option is set to true;
    • Whether you want the system to automatically pay the invoices after the deadline expires;
    • If you want there to be a daily fee after each day a invoice isn‚Äôt paid;
    • The daily fee percentage;
    • If only the boss will be able to see the society invoices;
    • The societies that can send invoices to players.

    It includes Discord logs such as:

    • When a invoice in sent to a player;
    • When someone pays/cancels a invoice;
    • When a invoice is automatically paid by the system.

    Additional informations:

    • The notes field (when you‚Äôre sending a invoice to a player) is not mandatory. If you don‚Äôt write anything it will write by itself ‚ÄúNothing to add‚ÄĚ;
    • The invoice is always sent to the nearest player;
    • On the ‚ÄúMy Invoices‚ÄĚ section, the unpaid invoices will always appear on the top of the list;
    • When a player pays a invoice or it is automatically paid by the system, the money is instantly added to the society account;
    • The script verifies the offline players when the automatic payment event is executed.

    It comes with a complete tutorial on how to use it.

    Notifications not included.

  • OKOK Notifications

    FiveM Standalone Scripts 6.61
    Rated 0 out of 5
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    Modern notification style for FiveM servers

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