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    Three Card Poker (Casino)

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    After many unslept nights i managed to decode the GTA:O Third Poker script.
    This was the hardest thing that i coded yet, there are so many things that can go wrong and break. (who wins/loses the game, etc.)

    The script is not encrypted or anything, i uploaded as we use it.
    We are using world objects with the script, so it will not create any object, you need to map them down or you can use the default casino tables. (which is setuped in the resource)

    Things you can edit in the config

    • You can add your own poker tables at the desired position, the script works with world objects, so you start your ymap, and you just need to replace the positions in the config file.
    • Adjustable minimum/maximum bets on each Tables. (This is important when it comes to the Pair Plus bets!)
    • Changable decide time (when players need to react for the dealers question), and many other timing configs are implemented.
    • You can modify the multipliers also, but i do not recommend because that will not fit the default table models description, and players can be misleaded.

    Features and thingies
    Almost everything that comes with the GTA:O Third Poker, only the sounds that i could not manage to make them work. (deck shuffle, etc.)
    The deck contains 52 cards, they can not be the same, so if 4 players sits at the table, the hands are really messy.
    Everything is handled on the server side, so there can be no exploit.

    We tested it on OneSync also, but there is an animation error when players randomly standup when they should play the networked animation. (We also have this standup error in the DiamondBlackjack, so it is Onesync related networked synchronized scene error.)
    (But most of the time every anim is playing fine, by the way animations do not f*ck up the game, so you wont lose your money or etc., it just losses the beauty.)

    I have changed some things compared to the Rockstar script:

    • You can move/change your camera with your default bind, so you are not stuck in FPS mode.(V)
    • Custom cameras, when revealing player cards.
    • etc.
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