• -33% radio script

    VIP+ Radio V2 (Ultimate Edition)

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    The radio every roleplay community needs.


    • Easy to use config where you can enable/disable certain features.

    • You can move the radio wherever you want on the screen in-game.

    • Has 14 different colours to choose from which can be changed in the config and also optionally have the ability for players to change their radio colour in-game using optional radio items or commands.

    • Supports Server Core and QBCore callsigns but also has a system in place for standalone users to set character names and callsigns within the radio UI.

    • Different screens to join channels and change your displayed radio name and callsign.

    • Supports my server core, qbcore and esx but can be used without them as a standalone resource.

    • Supports pma-voice.

    • Optional list that displays everyone in your channel with an optional command to toggle it in-game and lights up when they talk, can also optionally show yourself.

    • Whitelisted channels.

    • Config option for mic clicks.

    • Buttons to turn off, switch between light and dark mode and change the volume on the radio.

    • Optional radio item for ESX and QBCore.

    • Optional keybind to open the radio.

    • Includes inventory icons for every radio colour available.

    • Option to set custom radio channel names in the config.

    • If using ESX, QB-Core or Server Core it will automatically use their notification systems instead of the default one.

    You need PMA Voice
    and RP Radio

  • -40% Car Radio

    Car Radio Everywhere

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    This script uses a library from a developer called Xogos, this library is called xsound and is an incredible tool. All players can open an UI inside the car, where they can put a song, increase the volume, loop it, and much more! Another feature is to have music in several interiors of the game, where each job has its radio and can change the music inside its building (defined in config.lua). The music is 3D and decreases depending on the distance, thanks mainly to xsound.

    Principal Features:

    • Play music in cars.
    • The music can be heard inside and outside the car, depending on the distance to it.
    • Xsound 1.9k accepts musics from youtube (without copyright), musics with mp3 format and online radios.
    • It is possible to stop the music, put it in a loop, increase and decrease the volume, move back and forward in seconds.
    • Each job can have multiple music points within its building (Config.lua).

    All features can be changed if you wish, if you want me to make a customized version, please contact me.


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