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    qbCore Ultimate+ Server

    FiveM Mods $196.35

    The FPS is very high (120+ FPS) compared to 225+ scripts.

    You can find here premium & custom scripts that you will hardly see on a lot of servers. like:

    • Advanced multicharacter + Custom spawn system
    • Advanced Banking + Option to shared accounts
    • %95 of the server works with Eye Target
    • The best robbery system available that works with long progress [Bonus of VarHeist]
    • Adavnced weapons crafting system
    • Custom heist drug system
    • Advanced phone system
    • Civilian works (PizzaThis, CatCafe, BeanMachine, Electric Job, Popsdiner & Trucker Job & more 15+ jobs)
    • Best Police system (including Plist)
    • 225+ custom car packing & custom audio
    • To see more deatils of more scripts go to the pdf
    • Framework: QBCore

    Any questions? We are there to help. Customer satisfaction is our goal!

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    CLRP (Pandora Roleplay Server)

    FiveM server templates $142.79

    NoPixel 3.0 inspired server

    Framework: ESX
    Special jobs included: Biker, Burger Shot, DOJ, Fueler, Gallery, GoPostal/Post, Judge, Kafana, Mafia and many more!
    Many illegal jobs like OxyRuns, Fleeca robbery
    Full tuning system, custom import vehicles and police vehicles!

    Full server with NoPixel 3.0 inspiration

    Need help with installation? Order installation service

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    QBCore Framework NoPixel 3.0 Server (Qbus “V4”)

    FiveM server templates $196.35

    We release, based on a genuine quality build framework called QBCore.
    Our new V4 is based on NoPixel 3.0 with more advanced RP Features.

    This server is NOT on ESX – its on QBUS!

    So What We Have On Our New Base. Let’s See in the video. Also, I mistakenly didn’t take some new missions. So We will write it here.

    This is a very optimized server and well equipped with the newest features! 120+ fps guaranteed.

    If you are convinced that this is the best investment for your server please go ahead and place your order. We handle it with care and speed! Also, join our discord for any questions.

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    QBCore Super Server Base for FiveM

    FiveM server templates $154.70

    SUPER QBCore Server

    Custom FiveM framework “qbCORE”. Discounted price. Full package.

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