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    VIP Spawn Selector (QB)

    qbCore Scripts $34.51
    Rated 0 out of 5


    • Easy adjustable config
    • Responsive Design
    • Fully optimized, tested on a 400-player server
    • Can be translated via Config
    • Coordinates, place names etc. can be edited via config.


    • Does Not Use SQL
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    Spawn Selector with Modern Design

    FiveM Mods $23.80
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Introducing the ultimate FiveM spawn selector script, designed to revolutionize the way selecting spawn locations . This script is fully optimized, making it lightning fast and easy to install. It supports any framework, so no matter what you’re using, this script will integrate seamlessly. So why wait? Make your life easier and take your server to the next level with the FiveM spawn selector script
    Showcase below


    > FEATURES : 

    Support any framework 3 built in framework : Esx , QBCore , Vrp .
    Easy adjustable config.
    Fully optimized.
    Responsive Design.
    Coordinates, place names etc. can be edited via config.
    – works with FivePD Server, set framework to Vrp in config 🙂

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    Advanced Spawn Location Selector

    ESX Scripts $11.23

    ESX Spawnlocation

    Dope, NoPixel 3.0 inspired

    Written Expression

    When the player first enters the server (depends on the triggered location), the screen in the image appears. There are 7 spawn locations for the player to choose from (can be increased/decreased/changed). The player will spawn in the chosen location after selecting the location and pressing the “PLAY” button.

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