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    Super ESX Roleplay Server: Season 2

    FiveM server templates $214.20

    Welcome to the Season 2 ESX Server by 5M Servers. This server had updates for Season 8 to bring the housing and phone up to date. We also completed optimizations and reworks to improve quality of life. If you buy the product, a premium support package is included. 💡🔆 You can ask any questions you’d like and we will help you!

    1. Drag & Drop Inventory

    2. Eye Target System For Interaction

    3. Pets

    4. Multiple Characters

    5. Advanced Character Creator

    6. Weight Inventory

    7. Custom 5M Housing

    8. Custom 5M Car Dealership

    9. Custom 5M Drugs

    10. Skill System

    11. Custom Jobs

    12. Custom Crews

    13. Custom Bank Robberies

    14. Custom Drugs

    15. Phone: Instagram images to Discord

    16. Custom Police Job

    17. Custom Vehicles

    18. Custom EMS Job

    19. Custom Maps

    20. Optimized Server & World

    21. Custom Activities

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