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    VIP Banking System

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    Banking System, new redesign and look

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    FiveM Report Player System

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    Script explanation:

    Basically, there is a command for players, and a command for staffs. When doing /report, a small form will appear for the player to report the situation they want, and as soon as the player sends it, all staff will receive a small notification that there is a new report. Staffs, when doing /reportlist, will see a table with all existing reports since the server was brought online. By clicking on a report, the Staff can read the description of the report, can see a screenshot of the person who reported, can teleport to that person, and can mark the report as solved. This is a FiveM report system.


    There are several options in the config.lua to change, which should be changed to your liking.

    Principal Features:

    • Report form
    • NUI for STAFFS to view existing reports
    • Screenshot of who reported (Can be desactivated in config.lua)
    • Staffs are able to mark reports as solved
    • Notification when there is a new report
    • Webhook to receive reports in discord
    • It’s easy to adapt in administration menus


    • screenshot-basic 21 (If you enable the screenshot config)
    • ESX (not mandatory, can only be used to define staffs more easily)
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