• Audi E-Tron 2018 -66% Add to cart Quick View

    [Vehicle] Audi E-Tron 2018

    FiveM cars $16.85

    Awesome Vehicle with optimized texture and modern design. Perfect for your server!

  • -55% Add to cart Quick View

    ESX Vehicle Shop

    FiveM Mods $14.04
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Vehicle shop for ESX!

    • Modern style catalog to choose your vehicle from
    • Stylish catalog style
    • Clean design
  • East Customs -17% Add to cart Quick View

    East Customs Garage MLO [Car Workshop, Tuner Shop]

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $35.11

    This interior is based for Car Customizations

    This model has 2 Rooms in Main Building and  several areas for vehicle customizations

    Main Building:

    – 4 Bodyshop Areas, 2 Paint Booth, 1 Wheels / Tyres Area,  1 Office with Meeting Room,  1 Lounge Area, 1 Reception

    – Max capacity 18 Cars


    – Car Wash, Park for 8 cars

  • Nopixel Vehicleshop -63% Add to cart Quick View

    NoPixel v3 Showroom Vehicle Shop (ESX/QB)

    ESX Scripts $47.74

    Map + Script

    for ESX + QBCore.

  • Advanced Vehicles -38% Add to cart Quick View

    Advanced Vehicles

    ESX Scripts $42.11


    • A complex system that allows you a much greater immersion to vehicles;
    • Mileage: The mileage of each vehicle is saved so you can see exactly how much you’ve drove with each car;
    • Car Services: You need to periodically check your vehicle to keep it well, if you don’t do the checks, your vehicle may lose power, suspension get bad, transmission break, etc;
    • Items like engine oil (should be changed every 1500km), tires (changed every 8000km), timing belt, shock absorber and much more;
    • Upgrades: It is also possible to change the performance of your vehicle with a multitude of possibilities that this function generates, it is possible to configure any type of upgrade for your server;
    • It is possible to configure for upgrades to change any type of configuration of your vehicle, upgrades directly affect their physics;
    • Nitro: Nitro must be installed in the upgrades screen and is activated on the LEFT ALT key, it generates much more power for your car for a limited time. Nitro also has a limited amount of charges;
    • You can make a vehicle become rear wheel drive, front wheel drive or four wheel drive;
    • Each vehicle has a different behavior for each type of upgrade;
    • Everyone has access to the /status command menu, but only mechanics can inspect, service and upgrade vehicles;
    • You can easily add new upgrades/car services;
    • Extremely configurable script, all values ​​can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file;
    • Well optimized and without bugs;


    • This script does not interfere or replace the Los Santos/Bennys script, both work perfectly together;
    • Only mileage and nitro HUD included;
    • You can only use the script on owned vehicles. On ESX the condition is: the vehicle plate must be in owned_vehicles table; On vRP: the plate must be equal the player RG;


    – vrp, vrpex, esx (any version)

  • Tuning -33% Add to cart Quick View

    Tuning System (ESX/EXM)

    ESX Scripts $25.26

    Hello everyone, I hope you are going ok. Today I decided to launch a vehicle tuning/modding script. With this script, players will be able to modify (or pay to modify) their cars to the maximum detail! This script has many tunings that normal tuning scripts don’t have, such as: DLC Wheels, Xenon Lights, Interior Details, Extra options, and much more! With this script, your server will be able to have a much wider range of different vehicles, and everyone will love it!


    There are several options in the config.lua to change, which should be changed to your liking.

    Principal Features:

    • Tuning/Modifying the vehicle
    • Society discount system (config.lua)
    • Changing the vehicle color in RGB
    • DLC wheels included
    • Many modifications that don’t exist in normal scripts
  • PD vehicles -62% Add to cart Quick View

    2021 High Speed Law Enforcement Units

    FiveM cars $91.27

    2021 High Speed Law Enforcement Units

    The fast boys are here, ready to hit the streets, catch the criminals, and keep up with any pursuits possible. These are by far the fastest cars we have made yet and we are excited to see them hit the streets.

    Models Featured:
    2016 Tesla Model S P90D, 2017 Dodge Viper TA, 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R, 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S

  • -60% Add to cart Quick View

    LSPA Multi-Package

    FiveM Clothes (EUP) $56.17
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