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qbCore Framework 2022

QBCore (formerly named QBus), is a roleplay framework for FiveM. It is based on and very similar to ESX.

Our website offers the download of qbCore, as well as mods for the framework. Enjoy!

Information about the framework

This is qbCore

“We are a community of qb-core framework users that have decided to share the work we have done so far. We appreciate any and all pull requests or issues made to further the development phase! The primary goal of this project is to make using the framework as painless as possible even for new developers. As we get further, expect a ton of good content on each repository with detailed readme files and wiki’s!”

Are all ESX scripts also compatible with qbCore servers?

Unfortunately, no. But the most ESX-Scripts creators have already created QB versions of the scripts.
Special tip: You can also find out on how to convert your scripts to QB here

Advantages of qbcore


  • Optimized framework 👌
  • similar to ESX framework
  • active scripting community in 2022

Full qbcore server packs

Click & go | easy to install. This is the easiest way to start with qbCore

We even have qbcore mods here!

Cheap sale prices for qbcore scripts. Extend your qb-server today easily.

chrome fd4IJSDIkD
car heist
Lottery Draw Script (QB)
Rated 5.00 out of 5
radio script
VIP+ Radio V2 (Ultimate Edition)
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Fight Club
Fight Club (Cage Fight)
Rated 5.00 out of 5
QB StoreRobbery
BB Store Robbery (Unique)
Rated 5.00 out of 5
Pepper Spray
BB Multichar
okok requests
Lunny Dispatch
CodeM Bank

What does qbcore framework for FiveM offer?

  • No database dependency for static data such as items, jobs, vehicles, etc
  • Uses MySQL2 (oxmysql)
  • Easily accessible and very expandable player metadata
  • A surplus amount of scripts meant for great roleplay interactions
  • Up-to-date scripting practices for the FiveM platform
  • Continuous development and listens to community feedback
  • Reviewing of issues/pull-requests on a regular basis
  • Easy Setup via txAdmin Remote URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qbcore-framework/txAdminRecipe/main/qbcore.yaml 2.3k
  • Video setup guide by community member @Fronk_Donk : QBCore – How to Install – YouTube 1.8k
  • Multiple languages / translations for scripts
  • & much more!

Looking for more?

We offer nearly everything you are looking for.

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