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SaltyChat Plugin

SaltyChat is a client-sided Teamspeak plugin and script for FiveM, that adds a high quality voice chat mod to your roleplay server.
It is perfect for roleplay purposes and also uses a simulation sound system.

Many FiveM servers (like NoPixel) are using SaltyChat. It is a highly recommended plugin.

Salty also offers real radio effects and simulates real calls.

SaltyChat 3.1.0

How to install Saltychat

Installing SaltyChat is easy. First, download SaltyChat for free. Then, close your TeamSpeak client and run the installation file you downloaded. After the installation is complete, start TeamSpeak and you’re good to go.

About SaltyChat v3

Proximity sound.

Stay connected and engaged with those around you with Salty – the ultimate audio solution! Our innovative features, including distance-based volume control and 3D position audio, ensure that you never miss a beat. Plus, our simple sound player allows you to customize your audio experience with custom files and ringtones. Choose from our default set of sounds or create your own sound packages to truly make Salty your own. Don’t miss out on the ultimate audio experience – try Saltychat today!


You want to talk to your friends over a greater distance? There is no need to shout! Talk to with your friends over the radio. Salty offersmultiple modes that you can use:
– Ultra Short Range (USR)
– Short Range (SR)
– Long Range (LR)
– Distributed (DS)

Authentic Phone Calls


Saltychat is a voice communication plugin for the popular Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) modification framework called FiveM. It allows players to communicate with each other using voice chat while playing on FiveM multiplayer servers.

To install Saltychat on your FiveM server, follow these general steps:

  1. Download the Saltychat plugin files from a reputable source or the official Saltychat website.

  2. Extract the downloaded files to your server’s resources folder.

  3. Modify your server.cfg file to include the Saltychat resource. Add start saltychat to the list of resources to start.

  4. Restart your FiveM server.

Please note that the exact installation process may vary depending on your server hosting provider and configuration.

It depends on the server you are playing on. Saltychat is a server-side plugin, which means the server owner or administrator needs to install and configure it. Not all FiveM servers use Saltychat, so you should check with the server owner or server information to see if it’s supported.

Yes, Saltychat supports radio channels. You can configure and use radio channels for communication between specific groups or factions on your FiveM server. Players can join and switch between radio channels using in-game commands or keybindings, depending on your server’s configuration.

Saltychat is designed as a standalone voice communication solution for FiveM. It may not be compatible with other voice communication plugins or software, and attempting to use multiple voice plugins simultaneously could lead to conflicts. It’s best to consult with your server’s administrators or community resources for guidance on integrating Saltychat with other plugins if needed.

For support and additional information about Saltychat, you can refer to the official Saltychat website, forums, or community resources related to FiveM. Server administrators and community members often share tips, tutorials, and troubleshooting advice for Saltychat and other FiveM plugins.

Saltychat features

Features of the plugin

  • Proximity-based audio
  • Directional audio
  • Radio system
  • Phone calls
  • Radio effects
  • Radio clicks

Installation Tutorial: Saltychat .ts3 Plugin

  1. Download the .ts3_plugin file.
  2. Double-click the file and install it to your Teamspeak 3 client.
  3. Important: Teamspeak 3 has to be closed.

Done. That’s it!

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