SaltyChat Plugin

SaltyChat is a client-sided Teamspeak plugin and script for FiveM, that adds a high quality voice chat mod to your roleplay server.
It is perfect for roleplay purposes and also uses a simulation sound system.

Many FiveM servers (like NoPixel) are using SaltyChat. It is a highly recommended plugin.

Salty also offers real radio effects and simulates real calls.

About SaltyChat v3

Proximity sound.

Talk to people around you, you’re not alone! Salty offers you distance-based volume control and 3D position audio. Salty also has a simple sound player that lets you play custom audio files (such as ringtones). The sound player has a default set of sounds. However, you can also create your own sound packages or overwrite existing sounds.


You want to talk to your friends over a greater distance? There is no need to shout! Talk to with your friends over the radio. Salty offersmultiple modes that you can use:
– Ultra Short Range (USR)
– Short Range (SR)
– Long Range (LR)
– Distributed (DS)

Real phone calls. Kinda.

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Saltychat features

Features of the plugin

  • Proximity-based audio
  • Directional audio
  • Radio system
  • Phone calls
  • Radio effects
  • Radio clicks

Installation tutorial of Saltychat

  1. Download the .ts3_plugin file.
  2. Double-click the file and install it to your Teamspeak 3 client.
  3. Important: Teamspeak 3 has to be closed.

Done. That’s it!

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