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    ESX Pro Server Template

    FiveM server templates $202.30
    Rated 0 out of 5

    ESX Pro Server

    Basis: ESX-Legacy / FPS MS: 0.9 MS – 1.2 MS

    Server content:

    • HUD [can be customized]
    • Exclusive jobs (Police, Court, Sheriff, EMS, Car Dealer, Mechanic, North Mechanic, Unicorn, Taxi, Real Estate Agent, Fruit Picker, Builder, Bus Driver, Farmer, Gardener, Warehouse…)
    • +100 modified cars
    • Character creation
    • Custom maps
    • Gangs & weapons
    • Shops & bars
    • 3 interactive drugs
    • Fleeca Bank, Jewelry Store, and Convenience Store robberies
    • Phone and radio with voice chat
    • Garages and vehicle impound
    • Loading screen
    • Fuel system and seatbelt
    • Inventory and vehicle trunk
    • Houses & properties for sale
    • Clothing, hair salon, and tattoo shops
    • Companies and money laundering
    • Over 100 animations
    • Administration area
    • Vehicle customization
    • Many exclusive scripts not available elsewhere

    Total: +200 scripts…


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    Evidence Script (DNA) qbCore

    qbCore Scripts $46.41
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Evidence system is perfect for cops and robbers situations! You can set a grade from which officers can inspect blood splat’s, bullet shells, fingerprints found in the car.  Adding police detectives an interactive way to analyze the scene and create a whole investigation based on the evidence report!

    You can check out the video

    You can check out the video of V2 UPDATE

    V2 Features 

    • Better performance
    • Wearing gloves dont leave fingerprints!
    • Evidence archive system (Archive old evidence)
    • Criminals can pickup evidence after themselves (Only after some time!)
    • Rain washes away evidence (Evidence in interiors are not affected)
    • Printing sounds
    • New Evidence locker design


    • UI Evidence report
    • Customizable evidence report information
    • Blood evidence
    • Vehicle fingerprint evidence
    • Bullet shell evidence
    • Customization
    • Free updates
    • Evidence age display (How long ago action took place)



    The code is not obfuscated and nicely presented ! If you don’t like to tinker with code the config allows you to change almost everything!


    If the script doesn’t work properly or you don’t know how to set it up properly i will happily assist you (maybe even add some cool suggested features)

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    VIP Gym

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $38.08
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Gym for FiveM (Singleplayer Version included)

    Best-quality MLO

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    VIP Blackmarket Script (QB)

    qbCore Scripts $40.46
    Rated 0 out of 5


    • Easy adjustable config.
    • Fully optimized
    • Level system.
    • Daily task system (Deleted at period you set).
    • Responsive Design.
    • Items, weapons, money, vehicles can be sold


    • oxmysql
    • mysql-async
    • ghmattimysql
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    VIP Spawn Selector (QB)

    qbCore Scripts $34.51
    Rated 0 out of 5


    • Easy adjustable config
    • Responsive Design
    • Fully optimized, tested on a 400-player server
    • Can be translated via Config
    • Coordinates, place names etc. can be edited via config.


    • Does Not Use SQL
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    VIP Multicharacter (QB)

    qbCore Scripts $41.65
    Rated 0 out of 5


    • Easy adjustable config.
    • Fully optimized
    • Extra slots available for purchase.
    • Responsive Design.
    • Tebex Integration.
    • Automatic code sales thanks to Tebex


    • oxmysql
    • mysql-async
    • ghmattimysql
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    VIP PauseMenu (QB)

    qbCore Scripts $22.61
    Rated 0 out of 5

    For QBCORE


    • Easy adjustable config
    • Fully optimized
    • Your Steam profile picture will appear
    • You can play all the games in the Minigame section
    • Responsive Design


    • oxmysql
    • mysql-async
    • ghmattimysql
  • Airport -38% Add to cart Quick View

    Huge Airport MLO

    FiveM MLO (Maps) $58.31
    Rated 0 out of 5

    This MLO is a huge airport with various stores. Let your new players come in easily with this FiveM Airport MLO!

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    VIP System – Ingame Shop (ESX/QB)

    FiveM Mods $47.60
    Rated 0 out of 5


    • Your players can buy the products they want through the automated system. 
    • Easy adjustable config 
    • Fully optimized, tested on a 400-player server 
    • Tebex integration
    • License plate customization
    • Phone number customization 
    • Purchasing a vehicle with a special license plate
    • Buying a helicopter with a special license plate
    • Buying weapons and money


    • oxmysql
    • mysql-async
    • ghmattimysql
  • Core Drugs -44% Add to cart Quick View

    Core Drugs (qbCore)

    qbCore Scripts $52.36
    Rated 0 out of 5

    Create drugs with effects, Grow drug plants, Processing tables


  • -56% Add to cart Quick View

    CopNet MDT (ESX/QB)

    ESX Scripts $52.36

    For ESX + qbCore!

    Person and Vehicle profiles, Incidents, Reports, Evidence, Images and all… It contains with double Dark/Light Mode. User can switch to any mode from Config tab. More new scripts are coming soon.. Stay Tuned with DB Framework.

    Watch the preview down below!

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    Wasabi Crutch System

    ESX Scripts $40.46
    Rated 0 out of 5


    My crutch system adds a prop and limp to your character for however long the doctor sees fit. This is great for servers who love the medic RP.


    – Optimized 0.00 idle / 0.01 highest

    – Configurable/optional jobs that can give crutch to patients

    – Configurable/optional usable item to give crutches to patients

    – Configurable max time with crutch

    – Exports for opening crutch give menu(Great for implementing into job menus, etc)

    – Exports for setting/removing crutch time

    – Disables use of weapons while in crutch

    – Disables fast sprinting while in crutch

    – Will restore crutches if someone leaves and comes back

    – Removes crutches if player dies

    – Animations and props

    – Supports ESX/QBCore out of box (or any custom framework you add to the bridge)

    – Full documentation

    – Frequent updates planned

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    NoPixel 3.5 Inspired VIP Package

    FiveM server templates $214.20


    The package contains maps, vehicles, peds, outfits and all songs files. All scripts on the server are currently nopixel (inspired) scripts. After purchasing the package, you benefit from the support.

    Any questions? Let us know via e-mail @

    Uses the Original NoPixel 3.5 Framework

  • 5m Servers -35% Add to cart Quick View

    Super ESX Roleplay Server: Season 2

    FiveM server templates $214.20

    Welcome to the Season 2 ESX Server by 5M Servers. This server had updates for Season 8 to bring the housing and phone up to date. We also completed optimizations and reworks to improve quality of life. If you buy the product, a premium support package is included. 💡🔆 You can ask any questions you’d like and we will help you!

    1. Drag & Drop Inventory

    2. Eye Target System For Interaction

    3. Pets

    4. Multiple Characters

    5. Advanced Character Creator

    6. Weight Inventory

    7. Custom 5M Housing

    8. Custom 5M Car Dealership

    9. Custom 5M Drugs

    10. Skill System

    11. Custom Jobs

    12. Custom Crews

    13. Custom Bank Robberies

    14. Custom Drugs

    15. Phone: Instagram images to Discord

    16. Custom Police Job

    17. Custom Vehicles

    18. Custom EMS Job

    19. Custom Maps

    20. Optimized Server & World

    21. Custom Activities

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    VIP Identity Design

    ESX Scripts $16.66
    Rated 0 out of 5

    A brand-new ESX_Identity design – for your server. Give it a modern, fresh touch.

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    DP Emotes v4.0 (+ 1400 VIP Emotes)

    FiveM Emotes/Animations $26.18
    Rated 0 out of 5

    # Features

    – Search Function 🔎

    Custom 1400+ Animations 🏃

    – Further support for shared and couple poses / animations 👫

    – Animal Emotes – Big dog and small dog. *More to come. Stay tuned!* 🐩

    * Easily convert Menyoo to dpemotes 🔄

    – Shared Dances 🕺💃

    – Shared Particle Effects 💨

    QBCore Framework & Keybinding Support ⚙️

    – Hide Adult Emotes 🔞

    – Easy To Understand Configuration File ⚙️

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