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– UI: Modern & Sleek UI with 0 expoilts and abuses. – MINIGAME First ever seen minigame in FiveM – “Mines”, Allows players to multiply their amount of balance with the simple task of clicking the right button. Thing is, if you press the wrong button you will get 3/4 of your start balance. Minigame contains 25 buttons, 2 bombs and 23 multipliers (not changable since alot of math behind the scenes). One of the 23 multipliers is either a “Sticky Note” in the cash registers for the safe or a changable item on the config in the safe. – OTHER Logs, Option to set required cops amount in the config, Option to change prizes, multipliers and some other values, Customisable core values, notifications and more stuff.

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  1. VITO 『G59』

    Good quality.

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