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This script allows players to select 3 different type of huds on the settings and many features with it. (QBCore / ESX)



  • 3 Different huds
  • Optional built-in stress system
  • Built-in toggle engine
  • Cinematic mode
  • Ability to hide hud
  • Nitro system synchronized between players
  • Added on/off via config for top right hud
  • Added turning nitro on/off via config
  • Improved turning the engine on and off
  • The hud icons in the settings and the actual hud are put in the same position
  • Stress boost values moved to config
  • Added hud shutdown when opening map
  • Added /cash and /bank commands
  • Added config for Nitro’s power
  • Added config to disable engine power on/off
  • Added config to show date or not
  • Added round map and square map to settings
  • Added logo instead of Watermark text
  • Added changing the color of watermark text via config
  • Added reduce and enlarge speedometer in hud settings
  • Added turning compass on/off from hud settings
  • Optimized resmon
  • Added Ammo hud.
  • Added refresh rate for speedometer
  • Things like hunger, thirst, armor, stamina can now be turned on or off via Config
  • Added drag and drop system
  • You can now hide hud elements according to certain values. (Dynamic Status)
  • Added toggle speedometer and hud from config
    All the features are shown in the video below
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