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  • Futuristic UI Design
    -Adjustable on HTML/CSS
    -Customization UI
  • 0.00 resmon value
  • Unique Alert Sound
  • Responsive Design
  • Detailed Notify System
  • Icons and Corners has their unique Animastion.
  • Works greats with Venice HUD aswell.

Built In Notifys
Built In Notifys

  • Saved Notify
  • Announcement Notify
  • Error Notify
  • Info Notify
  • Succes Notify
  • Bank Bill Notify
  • EMS Notify
  • SMS Notify
  • Twitter Notify
  • Call Notify
  • Bank Transfer Notify
  • LSPD Notify
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Example usage

AddEventHandler('ToggleCruiseMode', function()
    if (GetPedInVehicleSeat(GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId(), false), -1) == PlayerPedId()) then
        -- Check if cruise control button pressed, toggle state and set maximum speed appropriately
        PlaySoundFrontend(-1, "Faster_Click", "RESPAWN_ONLINE_SOUNDSET", 1)
        cruisemode = not cruisemode
        local cruiseSpeed = GetEntitySpeed(GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId(), false))

        if cruisemode then
            exports["Venice-Notification"]:Notify('Cruise Mode Enabled', 5000, "info")
            -- or
            --TriggerEvent('codem-notification', 'Cruise Mode Enabled', 5000, "info")

            exports["Venice-Notification"]:Notify('Cruise Mode Disabled', 5000, "info")
            -- or
            --TriggerEvent('codem-notification', 'Cruise Mode Disabled', 5000, "info")


        local maxSpeed = cruisemode and cruiseSpeed or GetVehicleHandlingFloat(GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId(), false), "CHandlingData","fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel")
        SetEntityMaxSpeed(GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId(), false), maxSpeed)
exports["Venice-Notification"]:Notify('First and Last name is already in use.', 5000, "check")
exports["Venice-Notification"]:Notify('First and Last name is already in use.', 5000, "lspd")


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