CrossMotor Tricks



  • Motocross/Bike tricks using SPACEBAR or X with 4th or 5th mouse button
  • Run at 0.00ms on idle and 0.02ms max when doing a trick
Press the Space bar (Config.SimpleKey) then one of those keys:
Space bar + Left Click = Simple trick 1
Space bar + Right Click = Simple trick 2
Space bar + Mouse Button 4 = Advanced trick 1
Space bar + Mouse Button 5 = Advanced trick 2

kc-tricks is easily configurable:

  • Config.Eject

Player will be ejected if they land while doing a trick. If set to false, they will not fall but the anim will stop

  • Config.InstantAnimStop

This value determines whether the anim should instantly stopped, otherwise it will just go back to the sitting position gradually

  • Config.SimpleKey

Set the key used for the simple tricks (Default is 76, ‘INPUT_VEH_HANDBRAKE’ aka SPACEBAR)

  • Config.SpecificVehicle

You will be able to do tricks only on some specific bikes from the ‘Config.Vehicles’ list

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