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:small_blue_diamond:Brand new script code
:small_blue_diamond:A new automatic drink / food feature is added
:small_blue_diamond:Script configuration is very widespread
:small_blue_diamond:The newly added drunk driving feature makes driving harder
:small_blue_diamond:Fixed Alcohol tester
:small_blue_diamond:It is now possible to allow a drink to be placed, for example, you can put your bottle of vodka on a shelf, for example
:small_blue_diamond:The stored drink stores its location and all information so that it is displayed in its place even after the server is restarted
:small_blue_diamond:Anyone can take a drink off the shelf
:small_blue_diamond:It is now possible to easily add a trigger or export for your stress system in the configuration
:small_blue_diamond:New it is possible to easily set up an export for your notification system
:small_blue_diamond:Now there is no need to turn off esx_basicneeds, you can only insert the trigger for food and drink in the configuration

Old Features
:small_blue_diamond: You can give everything in your hand to your friend and he can give it back to you.
:small_blue_diamond: If you drink alcohol, the effect increases with each use, but it also slowly leaves. In the configuration you can set how much the drink will add effect after use.
:small_blue_diamond:If you use larger drinks, such as a bottle of wine or vodka, you have the option of pouring yourself a shot or a glass of wine. if you pour, take a quantity of ml from the bottle and you can drink a shot or a glass of wine or give it to a friend or put the item in your inventory.
:small_blue_diamond:There is an option to add more items in the configuration.
:small_blue_diamond:For each item you can set the size of food in grams and drinks in milliliters the more you set the more you eat or drink.
:small_blue_diamond: You can use an alcohol tester that shows you how much alcohol a person has in their blood.

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