[ESX] Advanced Ambulance Job 


  • 0.0ms on idle
  • Fully optimized
  • Players must be treated for injuries they die from or will respawn with less health / the EMT will receive less of a reward (Configurable)
  • Death animation synced and persistent
  • Medical Bag with instruments that treat possible wounds to add immersion to RP
  • Animations and props
  • Working stretchers
  • Built in easy dispatch system
  • Built in ambulance garage with aircraft compatibility
  • Integrated invoices (Optional – esx _billing/ Qbcore / okokBilling compatibility but easy to add custom in editable client.lua)
  • *Integrated cloakroom (Optional – Configurable between esx skin and wasabi’s fivem-appearance)
  • Integrate your dispatch, phone, notifications, and inventory with ease with plenty of editable code!
  • Support out of the box for GKS Phone & qs-phone dispatch (Optional/editable) New as of 1.0.9
  • Option to clear inventory on player death (ox_inventory/qb-inventory/mf-inventory/qs-inventory & esx supported)
  • Anti-combat log option (Player will return dead if disconnected while dead)
  • Extremely configurable
  • Multi-hospital support
  • Hospital check-in (Configurable)
  • Usable Medikits (Medics can heal others and themselves & civilians can heal themselves)
  • Usable Sedatives (Temporarily sedate players – Configurable )
  • Boss Menu access w/optional wasabi_multijob compatibility (Configurable)
  • Complete esx_ambulancejob / qb-ambulancejob replacement
  • GKS/Quasar phone distress signal configurable(Will disable built-in dispatch)
  • Wasabi Carlock / qb-carlock compatible (Custom car lock events can be added as well)
  • Target compatible(OPTIONAL – qtarget/qb-target/ox_target)
  • Very frequent updates planned / additional features planned
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